Monday 9 March 2015


As you may have read in my previous posts I have been having a bit of a bumpy ride health wise for the last few months.  To tell you the truth is has got me quite down on quite a few occassions.    Being stuck in gives you far too much time to think and worry so when some friends came forward to help it really did make me feel a little better about everything.

Silly little things , like doing the school run, turned into big things.  I remember one morning sitting and sobbing in the car as it was an icy day , little Sweetpea and I had already attempted to 'walk' from the car with my crutches but it was just too dangerous with the black ice.  We had to abort that idea and wait until everyone had left so I could drive her right outside the school and take her in that way.

A few precious friends have been so so helpful in taking my little one into school if they have seen me struggling , they have helped with school pick ups so I haven't had to worry about children running into me and knocking me over (which did happen one day).  It is these simple acts by true friends that make all the difference.

Although I had said thank you I really wanted to create them a little thank you gift, just to show how much their help had meant to me.   When I came across this wonderful flower pattern by Pink Milk I thought it would be perfect for such a gift.  I am glad to say they loved it.  They were so taken back by their gift I am really not sure they know what angels they have been.  In fact one friend said she should be thanking me as she had so enjoyed picking little Sweetpea up and having her cute little hand held tightly in hers .... heart melting.

Everyone needs friends like that :-)

I hope you are all well out there in bloggy land, see you again soon x

PS the scarf was created with a wonderful pattern by Little Doolally 


  1. I'm so glad to read that you have such sweet friends to help you through this rough time dearest friend. Bless their hearts! I hope that things soon turn around for you my dear and you will soon be all well. Thinking of you.
    I loved your beautiful cheerful photos and creations too.
    hugs from here...

    1. Thank you so much June, I am heading the right direction now :-) I am so glad you posted here as it meant I popped into a wonderland of gorgeous photos, bright flowers and captivating writing that is your blog, I haven't been to many blogs for ages and have missed them so :-) I hope you are well June , take care of yourself you lovely lady xxx

  2. That's it, I'm raiding your closet, home, efforts to bling up my space with crochet lovelies!!! :D Must go peer at the garland you sent me now so my heart is happy. <3 Love it all!

    1. You must learn crochet Natalie, you would LOVE it and it is pretty easy once it 'clicks' in your brain :-) Just think of the yarny possibilities :-D


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