Friday 26 October 2012

Winner - over 3000 facebook likers !

Wahhoo I have now got to over 3000 likers on my facebook page! Now a lot of this was due to hard work but I also had a lot of help from my lovely facebook likers sharing my page.  Thanks to you all.

The winner of either a brooch or a hairclip holder is ....................... Karen S (twannywun)!  Please send me an e-mail with your choice of gift and your address x

Thanks so much to all of you, I really wish I had the time to send you all something :-(

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Halloween Fun

Just a quick blog post to share this little tutorial I did for my facebook page - I hope you enjoy it :-)

Make sure you keep an eye on these if using tea lights to make sure they do not melt the milk bottle or you could use battery operated little lights in them for peace of mind.  It is best they are put outside to keep the bottle cool.

Saturday 20 October 2012

New Member of the Family .....

The Sweetpeas have a new member of the family who I would like to introduce, meet Katie the T2 Camper.  Whilst the children had their Summer holidays we came across an advert for Katie and she was located not too far from us so we decided to take a look at her.  We travelled to her location with a friend who already owns a vintage camper to see if she was in good enough condition to buy, well it turns out she was :-)

Katie on her trip to her new home.

We have wanted one for some time but when it came to saying yes to buying her I felt a cold sweat running over me.  Since I was 19 we had only ever bought what we needed and not any big items that we wanted, unless something broke we would never replace it - we still have the pops and pans we were given when we married 15 years ago, yes some have missing lid handles but why replace them if they work?  We still have a 'big' tv in our bedroom, it still works so why buy a flat screen one .... you get the picture lol.  This made it very hard to buy something just because ..... just because we wanted to .... just because it would make us happy ...... just for fun!

Mr Sweetpea explained that she would be a good investment and that swayed me :-)  Ohhh am I glad he talked me round. She has been nothing but a joy to have so far ..... the Sweetpeas adore her.

Little Sweetpea loves seeing her when we get home and riding in her - obviously I had to make a retro Ele just to keep in Katie the Camper out of 1970s fabric to match her age.

They have all had dinner in her and picnics ......

She has taken us to Old Hunstanton beach with my crochet in the back :-)

Three generations of the men in my family have had many a happy minute laying looking at her from underneath ....... yep I don't know what they are looking at either but they seemed happy :-)

And best of all she makes us smile and everyone we drive past smiles at her too - oohhh and we get some fantastic waves from fellow camper owners.

Yes I did feel sick for about a week after buying her at the thought of spending all that money.  Yes I did feel sad taking her away from her previous owner (who looked on sadly as we drove away in her which made me have a few tears) and his partner, 4 yr old son and dog (the dog got so excited when we got her out to look at as he thought he was off to the beach and the son made friends with our little girl and wondered why we were taking the Camper away :-() but I hope we will do them proud looking after her and I am sure she is a good investment.  I am so glad Mr Sweetpea talked me into buying her afterall ...........

PS thanks so much for all your comments on my last blog post, little Sweetpea is settling into school well and I am now getting used to her being away from me too.  I still miss our time together and am coming to terms with her overtired tantrums due to being at school (she is throwing a tantrum as I type !) but I know we all have to move on with our lives :-(

Thursday 4 October 2012

The time has come ...

Well the time has come, I can't stop the clock, I can't turn back time, I must accept that life moves forward (sometimes at breakneck speed!).  When little Sweetpea was born nearly 5 years ago I felt like I had all the time in the world with her.

I was lucky to be able to stay at home with her all week and find a job when Daddy was at home to look after the Sweetpeas.  I was very lucky that she was a very easy going little toddler (we will forget the colicy days and later temper tantrums :-)), this was a blessing but then again not so as it has made it that much harder to let her go.  Sometimes I feel I know her more than I know myself.

We have both had to say goodbye to the groups we attended together  (we won't mention me gatecrashing them with no child in tow :-)).

She started Ception (Reception) class in school a few weeks back, firstly half days for two weeks - that wasn't too bad.  She then went to full time last week .... oh how I miss her! 

I miss our weekly food shop together, I miss her getting excited about going to Music Hayhem (really called Music Mayhem) and Little Lambs, I miss her knitting (or really sewing) with me, I even miss her photo bombing my photographic shots.  Don't get me wrong, I did feel the need for 'me' time but I don't need this much 'me' time .....

She is loving going to school and I know I am lucky to have had her at home for nearly 5 years.  I know I will adapt to this change but it will take time ......