Monday 30 July 2012

Having a little giveaway ....

Just a quick blog post sorry, I have been busy building up my facebook page and now have around 2100 likers.  I want to get to 3000 by September so have offered a giveaway of one of the above when I get to that number (the winner can choose which they would prefer - one is a hairclip holder and the other is a crochet rose brooch). 

Now as I am in the mood to share the love I have decided to share the giveaway here too for my loyal blog followers :-)  If you want to be in with a chance to win then just comment here and if you would like to share my facebook page or blog then that would be lovely :-)

If you haven't been to my facebook page and are on there do pop over and say hi, I would love to see you there :-)

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Travelling Craft Box

Being the bad blogger that I am at the moment this blog post is way overdue!  Some time ago I signed up to take part in LaaLaa's Travelling Craft Box.  Basically you get sent a box full of creative delights, you pick which items you like and then add that many items back into the box.

Well  back in mid-June the lovely Pretty Little Jewels posted the box on to me.  I was amazed how quickly it arrived from hers to be honest as she had just got married and had been on honeymoon too.  Goodness knows how she fitted time in to post this off (pop over to her blog for some very heart warming photos of her wedding and some lovely inspirational wedding ideas). 

When this large box arrived in the post I found this lovely little parcel just for me :-)  The lovely Jewel had popped in a fab book on creating cushions which I can't wait to use when the kiddies go back to school, some lip balm and some lovely clay decorations.  Thanks so much Jewel x

Now I can't show you what I popped in the box and forgot to take photos of what I took out - fab blogger moment again there :-)  I took out some lovely pink polka dot buttons, some sequin thread and a lovely hand made bracelet created with felt and beads.  I then promptly posted the box off to Scratchy Cat Crafter so hoepfully she will blog about it soon x

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Getting away from it all ....

Well lets try again, this blog post seems to have taken me ages to get sorted what with issues trying to upload photos etc.  It seems like ages since I have been to my little writing space (and as I type little one is shouting at me as she is bored as this has taken me far too long to do :-().  I had better be quick ....

We have been away to our little bolt hole in Mallorca (or Morca as little Sweetpea calls it).  It is a place in the hills away from all the hustle and bustle of life - no mains elec, no phones, no tv  - bliss.  It is nice to get away from all the electrical items that modern life brings us.

We went to the beach every day. 

We ate fresh sea food.

We watched the children grow in front of our very eyes.

I created new pretty things whilst watching the children play in the sea.  I even went in the sea myself this year :-o  Mr Sweetpea was rather shocked at how well I could swim - I usually hide under the trees sewing or looking after the children  :-)

I even found time to paint my nails !

We saw some amazing little creatures

Rock Mouse, Octopus, Angry Snail, Crab

The children kept themselves busy - most of the time :-)

Eldest Sweetpea is getting rather hormonal which did make some of the holiday testing.  After a real pep talk towards the end of it he calmed down a bit thank goodness.

Right I had better be off, little one is now starting to drive me very crazy and I have spent far too much time on this new blogger layout.  I will leave you with on my of my fav views - I do love hanging washing out in the sunshine.  Take care xxx