Thursday 16 September 2010

Little helpers jars (52MMM)

I am not sure about you but I am always looking for ways to encourage my kiddies to help around the house or do their homework without having to resort to nagging or shouting which believe me is hard :-)  I have pondered on pocket money but then again feel that they should be happy to help a little around the house without needing to be paid for it - hhhmmm difficult one is pocket money.  When I saw this idea on A Feathered Nest's blog I had to give it a go - not only does it look nice on the sideboard but it may just work!

I saved up some coffee jars which I washed out and removed the labels.  I then used some ribbon that my Nan recently gave me and got some lovely tags from this site Eat Drink Chic - I used the blank tags at the bottom of the page.  There are also some more lovely labels here Creature Comforts Blog.  I had some pom poms already but may need to get some more.  I give them a pom pom if they empty their lunch boxes when they get home, one for homework done without a fuss and little sweetpea has been getting one each time she uses the BIG scary toilet :-)

So far so good, when the sweetpeas got home from school and I told them they got a pom pom for emptying their lunch boxes they rushed to do it - I was stunned as this is something they always moan about.  Little sweetpea has been persuaded to use the BIG toilet and is happy with herself when she pops her pom pom in the jar for being good.  Now all I have to do is expand the list of things they get pom poms for and think of how many they need to get to get a treat and what the treat will be - any ideas?

Hope some of you may find this a useful idea - oh how I love these little jars of pom poms on my kitchen side :-)

Edited :  after reading some of the comments below I think this idea would be fab for us adults too - hhmmm how many pom poms until I can get a huge cadbury's fruit and nut bar????