Friday 25 October 2013

Catch up ......

Dear Blog, how I miss thee so ..... time, as usual, seems to be running away from me.  I thought I would do a little catch up to tell you what I have been up to.

In July we had fun times strawberry picking with friends, visiting the village fair where our Sweetpea flowers of course won first prize and middle Sweeptea's collage did to (also our eggs, broad beans and my photography :-)).  We had many a happy hour sitting by the river with family and friends.  I kept creating sewn items as usual ...... I really don't feel right anymore if I can't create at least one thing a week.  We went for walks in secret forests and little Sweetpea got lovely and muddy in a local fresh spring fed river.    This was also the month when we had to prepare middle Sweetpea for leave Primary School ...... worrying times for her.

August saw eldest Sweetpea completing his fish pond which looks fantastic now.  The bee hives kept growing from strength to strength, we now have 4 hives.  Little Sweetpea tried to learn to ride a bike .... we are going back to that at a later date.  More family fun with Cousins and Aunties visiting.  Katie Camper started having her curtains created with the help of little Sweetpea.  Bob the felted fish was created.  Family BBQs with fun trying to put up a tent whilst the men looked on.  Lovely trips to National Trust properties.

August also saw Eldest Sweetpea turn 13!  Not sure where the years have gone.  It only seems like yesterday that I left work on the Friday, worrying I would get bored waiting for him to arrive ..... he arrived 6am on the Monday morning.  He was such a chilled out little baby and toddler with a love of all things science and nature.  He is becoming a lovely (if not slightly hormonal) young man with a love of engineering and nature.  We went to Wimpole Hall for his birthday which we all really enjoyed.

The children also got to go to a local music festival with their Grandparents and Aunty in August, they came back with lots of fun memories and photos :-)  August also saw a lot of child swapping with a friend over the Summer holidays which was great for keeping the house nice and calm .... they got to use their friends pool during those lovely Summers days too.  Little Sweetpea had her first ever proper haircut ..... can't believe her hair grows so slowly!

September saw a really emotional time in the family with middle Sweetpea starting Secondary School.  She was so worried about starting that school so there were lots of sleepless nights and chats.  She took her first bus trip on her own and returned on the bus a happier person ..... she has now settled in really well.  Such a relief!  September also saw picnics with Bert the cockerel, little Sweetpea becoming obsessed with David Bowie (or David Barrie as she calls him - the photo above is of her waiting for him to arrive - she was sure he would be coming round for tea), crochet and fun in Katie Camper.  We also spent a lovely day in September walking along Devils Dyke ..... we have been wanting to do this for ages and it was so lovely walking along there with my Mum, Sister and the kiddies.  It also saw the delivery of some new wheelie bins .... wow the kids were excited, they are easily pleased :-)

Phew ....... I think I am up to date now ...... I will try not to leave it so long next time x