Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Crochet Rose Pattern / Tutorial

I learnt to crochet a few years back now and still adore this form of craft.  One of the main reasons I wanted to learn to crochet was to create crochet flowers ..... it took me a year or so to get the confidence to give them a go but I got there in the end.

I thought I would share with you my version of the crochet rose, there are lots of patterns out there but I have adapted a few of them to create my own version , I hope you like it.

Please bare with me, this is the first time I have shared a crochet pattern on the world wide web so it may not be perfect and I may not know all the stitch terms ..... but hey, it still works for me.

So lets kick off shall we.  You will need a 4mm hook (but other sizes would work I am sure) and some lovely yarn.  I used cotton yarn here as I just to love way the stitch definition shows up and how it holds the form of the rose well.

Now chain 35 ...... waahooo we have started!

Now, yarn over (you are about to create a treble stitch) and pop your hook into the 5th chain as shown above (excuse my bitten nails ... note to self, stop biting my nails!).

Create a treble in this chain (a treble is = yarn over, instert hook into chain, yarn over, pull through 2, yarn over, pull through 2 - easy peasy lemon squeezy) , then chain 1.

We need to miss a chain and treble into the next stitch in the chain, then 1 chain and treble again into the same stitch as shown above.  We need to do this all the way to the end so ....... 1chain, miss 1 chain , 1 treble , 1 chain, 1 treble into the next chain and keep going with that rhythm.

It will start to curl around, don't panic, it is meant to look like that.

You have got to the end and we are ready for row 2 - wooop woop I hear you cry.


1 chain to turn your work.  Turn your work round so you go from right to left now.  Slip stitch into the next 5 chains and then work into the chain space.  *Work 5 trebles into your first chain space , now slip stitch into the next chain space.  Repeat * until you form 6 petals.

Now we get to a stitch that I have no idea of the name of ...... I am sure there is a name for it but lets just call it the sweetpea stitch until I find that out.

So you have just slip stitched now we are going to work some slightly larger petals into the pattern.  Here is the Sweetpea Stitch :-D  Now yarn over, hook into the chain space, yarn over and pull through 1, yarn over and pull through 2, yarn over and pull through 2 .  You need 5 of these in that chain space. So we now * slip stitch into next chain space, work 5 Sweetpea stitches in the the next chain space .  Repeat * until you reach the end .

You have reached the end, pull the yarn up through the last stitch to close the stitch off.  Make sure you leave a long tail before you cut the yarn as you will need that to sew your rose together in a minute.

Now turn your rose round so that you are holding where you did the slip stitches at the beginning of row 2.  Start to roll the petals , I usually do this from the base of the petals so it is easier to stitch together later.

Create a shape you are happy with, you can have an open rose or a closed looking one.

Now grab a yarn needle and pop that tail that you left through it and start sewing it together.  Weave it across the rose at the base so you can't see the sewing on the right side of your rose.

Knot it off and pop some felt and a brooch back on it, add it to a blanket or some cushions .... add it to what ever your heart desires.

I hope you enjoyed this pattern and could follow it ok :-)