Thursday 30 April 2015

Mental Health ...

A few months ago I was sat looking through all the lovely instagram photos, I must confess I was feeling rather sorry for myself due to my broken toe which decided it wouldn't heal for a long, long time.  Then up popped an image of the wonderful Do You Mind if I Knit and my heart sank further.  Reading Bobo Buns words that went with the image it transpired that Vanessa (from Do You Mind if I Knit), who was a super talented artist had died, she had suffered from depression for some time and she must have reached an all time low :-(

I couldn't even imagine how low she must have felt , I thought of her poor family who had had her taken from them in such a sad way.  It took me back to a family incident a few years ago which made me realise the wider effect these things have on a family.  I like so many others have had dark moments in life, sometimes for no reason at all, you know, like a black cloud just comes down and you can't see the light until it finally lifts.  Thankfully it has always lifted, thankfully the cloud hasn't stayed for too long.

It is when it lifts that you realise just how precious life is, how important family is and how to embrace those tiny things that make you smile deep in your heart.

Creativity is one of those things that has helped me through those cloudy days so when Lisa (from Bobo Bun) decided to create a community crochet blanket in memory of Vanessa I jumped at the chance to join in.  What a wonderful idea that lovely creative souls from around the country join together to create something to remember a fellow creative soul.  The colours were chosen from a selection that Vanessa herself used a lot so the blanket really would have her personality shining through it, bright, vibrant, fun.  It was then decided to raffle off the finished blanket to raise money for charity that meant a lot to Vanessa's family , the Mental Health Foundation.  

Needing help with the admin side of things Lisa asked if anyone could help out with the Just Giving page.  Thinking this is something I could help out with and wanting to get further involved with this fab event I popped my hand up .  The Just Giving page is all ready and waiting to take donations and I am busily beavering away in the background with the admin side of it (excel is my best friend at the moment lol).

So if you fancy having a chance of winning this wonderful creation (which will be completed very soon), created by so many kind hearted souls then why not pop to:

Each £2 gives you a chance to win and it can be posted worldwide.  It has only been live for a couple of days and has already raised over £200 ..... lets hope this goes towards helping others to find their way out of that dark place and enjoy all the little, wonderful things in life again. x