Friday 1 November 2013

Little Sweetpea turns 6

Little Sweetpea recently turned 6, a whole 6 years old!  It only seems like yesterday I bought her home, a tiny little dot, who had made our family feel complete.

How we all adore this little girl, full of giggles and love.  She likes nothing more than playing with her older Sister and Brother.

She adores the film Labyrinth and now has a fascination with David Barrie (Bowie to you and me).  The photo below is of her (with The Goblin King style hair) waiting for David Barrie to come for afternoon tea .... no matter how many times I told her he was far too busy she insisted his would come over in his blue car.

She adores Katie the Campervan and cried when she had to go to the garage for bodywork .....

She is a real girly girl who loves walking around in her flamenco shoes ....

She spent her birthday going to Jumping Jacks and then went for a sleepover at her Nan and Grandads.  They were going to take her out the next day shopping but she wanted to go and visit her Great Nan and Grandad instead :-)

Middle Sweetpea made her a cat for her birthday which she adores and I made her some felt cakes to go into a picnic basket we bought her and a baby carrier which she had been wanting for ages.

A whole 6 years old ...... why does it sound so much older than 5 years old???  Why does time have to go at, what feels like, the speed of lightening?

Anyone for a piece of cake????

Items made with the following tutorials just in case you wanted to have a go to:
Doughnuts -
Cake -
Baby carrier made from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book.