Thursday 4 June 2015

And so here it is .....

In my past life, before children, does  anyone else have problems remembering that far back, oh my goodness, where did the time go ???  Sorry, I digress, well I used to be a PA to a few Directors , I used to love my job, all the organising, office banter, learning new things.

Then after having my second child I had to give that up due to childcare issues and I decided to create a big website which had hundreds of rental properties on it for Spain.  I loved creating it even if the guilt of working around two toddlers did get to me.  I did a fab online course to learn how to create my own little website and it spiralled from there.  People used to ring my 'office' wondering why they could hear childrens voices in the background, little did they know my 'office' was in fact my front room, littered with toys lol.   It was such a wonderful learning curve, I learnt about promotion, SEO (search engine optimisation), google adwords  etc etc.  Years later I wound that site down due to having a third child and the rental market in that particular part of Spain changing.  I then fell into creating .

After sewing and creating lots of things I thought it was about time I created a website for my makes.  I used a fab site called Wix, they have some wonderful templates which you can play with and it has been so easy to use.    I would highly recommend it if you want to build a little site.  I have also been able to link the blog to it which is fab.  I just searched for Scented Sweetpeas Sewn Creations and it came up on page one of google which is pretty good for a site which is only a few weeks old.

Why not pop over and have a look, please do let me know what you think or if you have any more ideas for the site, I would love to hear from you .

I will be back soon with news on bee-keeping, baby Quails and my creative antics.

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