Wednesday 14 April 2010

Easter Holiday Projects Part 6 - Stained Glass Windows

I like to recycle 'rubbish' if I can in my house and had some sweet wrappers left over from Christmas.  I also bought some e-cloths recently and pondered on what I could re-use the packaging for.  On looking at these items together stained glass windows jumped to mind (I am a bit strange like that :-) ).

I cut out the two clear panels of the e-cloth boxes and gave one to the oldest and middle sweetpea, and one for me of course.  Little baby sweetpea decided she wanted to bypass this project and go straight into painting so she did that instead.

We then drew designs on paper and cut out the sweetie wrappers to fit the shapes in the drawings.  Eldest sweetpea got annoyed at this point and decided he wanted to paint on some canvases I recently bought for them so he did that.  Just two of us left :-)  Middle sweetpea and I carried on and made these:

These were fun but very fiddly to do.

Now these are some old watercolours I had when I was younger, all the sweetpeas loved trying these out!  I bought some canvas from Wilkinson's, 4 square ones for £4 and they had great fun trying the paints out.  Amazingly most of the paints were still OK.

Baby sweetpea did get a little carried away however - I looked away for about 2 mins and there was a blue tongued monster staring at me :-)  It seems watercolours are quite tasty !


  1. Lots of fun!! And mess! I remember my friend's little boy ate green paint once!

  2. That is just too cute! And your stained glass piece are so fun!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my garden journal!

  3. Thanks for the celery tip! I heard that strawberries are like that too minus the cream though which is a shame :o)

    Loving the pictures in this post, looks like a whole load of fun. x

  4. Aw bless baby sweetpea :) She looks like she's enjoyed herself.

    Is nice to see little ones allowed to get messy.

  5. You certainly have a lot of fun in your house! That last picture of baby sweetpea is a gem!
    By the way, I loved eldest sweetpea's egg bee that you posted yesterday!
    Best wishes

  6. You're certainly coming up with some brilliant ideas. The stained glass windows look fab.

  7. What lovely photographs.

    I quickly wanted to pop on and say hello and thank you for your very special comments on my post it meant alot to me and thank you for leaving me your lovely, caring words X

  8. Hahahaha! Oh, little sweetpea, you are too much!

  9. How funny!!! You are so having a good timeXXX

  10. You are a busy and talented lot in the Sweetpea house. Love all the junk remodelling that's been going on.

  11. i can't do it as often as i would like or i would lose my mind, but i DO love seeing them get messy and artsy! what fun!

    thanks too, for the sweet will wishes you left for me today. oh that wish for just one cup of coffee to myself would probably get me through the week. in a funny way, i am looking forward to it, but i know it will be exhausting work with three boys here at that! and, i agree about the bees. so interesting, aren't they?

  12. Wow you have been so busy - all your projects are wonderful. The best though, has to be Littlest's blue tongue project. Funny girl

  13. Looks like a fun time was had by all even the blue tongue monster ;)


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