Monday 12 April 2010

Easter Holiday Ideas Part 4 - What to do with easter egg boxes.

Apologies for lapsing on my Easter holiday ideas.  Mr Sweetpea is back to work after a week off last week and I work Sundays so it is back to full on mayhem with all the kiddies at home (a nice but tiring mayhem).

The other day I was pondering on what to do with our Easter egg boxes.  I do hate throwing things away (partly due to my eco ways and also an inherited hording gene :-) ).  I remembered that when I was I child I loved making boxes into houses and thought maybe the kiddies would like a go.  I had some wallpaper samples and the kiddies and I got to work cutting and sticking to turn the boxes into rooms.  They really enjoyed this after the initial arguments over who had what box, who had which wallpaper, who had what pair of scissors!

After a couple of hours or crafting they created a little house with cardboard furniture and little felt rugs.  Little baby sweetpea just spent the time gluing her box.  She got upset if you tried to get her to stick anything to the glue so she just made a sticky box instead.

Not sure what to do with the smaller egg boxes yet, any ideas?

This afternoon the oldest Sweetpea and middle Sweetpea went to take Ted (one of our dogs) for a walk on their own.  They are getting to that independent age now but I am still a little uncomfortable with them walking off alone.  They were walking on the route which has hardly any road crossings and the oldest Sweetpea cam running home with a pidgeon that had a compound fracture to its wing.  He was so wishing to help it recover but I am not sure we can help the poor thing.  He is currently in Sweetpeas room in a box snuggled in a towel and in the dark but I think he will die of shock :-(  I am in two minds as to whether to put it out of its misery now or wait and see how he gets on.  Better be off I suppose.  Hope you all had a fab fab weekend in the sunshine.


  1. Everything should have a chance, but I guess it is what you will do with it afterwards! If you weren't so far away you could send it round to ours otherwise.
    Smaller egg boxes would make a fantastic hen coop for the garden of the Sweetpeas houses? Or how about a treehouse or den?

  2. aahh thanks, it is hard to know what to do isn't it. My Dad is a vet and older sweetpea rang him but he said as it is a compound fracture it will probably get an infection if it didn't die of shock :-( He thinks it is best to put it down but it is so hard to do that especially when kiddies are involved.

  3. oohh great ideas re the boxes, we may be cutting and sticking again tomorrow :-)

  4. Sorry to hear about your lovely bird...
    For me, sometimes the will for life gets in the way.

    On the cardboard houses - How about a beehive! You could make some fluffy pompom bees?

  5. the little houses are sweet :) and uuuughhh...I know how you feel about the saving the bird me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever my kids try to save an injured wild soooo want to help and you REALLY don't want your kids heartbroken...oh thoughts are with you Sweetpea :)

  6. Hope the pigeon survives. My daughter was doing exactly the same thing with a shoebox over the weekend. She spent so much time making a little mirror to stick on the wall out of cardboard covered with silver paper. It is hard as they get older knowing when to let them have some independence.

  7. Great crafting ideas I remeber making mini houses or mini doll house furniture with old boxes too when I was small.

    Helping kids come to terms with the cycle of life is never easy, I'm sure you'll do a great job of it though.

    Independance is hard to give but I let my kids guide me and when they show a need to make another step away from me I close my eyes really tight and let them go, so I know exactly what you felt like today.

  8. Hope the pigeon is okay, this reminds me of when i was little and I was always taking birds into the house for my mum to rescue, there seemed to be a constant stream of bird's nests in the airing cupboard! I love your little eggbox houses, they're very sweet

  9. Thanx for your comment, its always fun when somebody writes.. -No I never given Eco cloths a try, but I do have a special window cloth that actually works! Leaves the windows, mirrors amazingly clean… And its worth buying one.

    I used to do box houses when I was a kiddie, and I never wanted get rid of them, would be all dusty on my wardrobe for months and months…

    Have a fab week!


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