Tuesday 18 March 2014

Fundraising event for Alzheimers Society

Every year on my facebook page I look to organise a big charity event to raise money for a charity that has struck a cord with me.  This year I decided that it was about time I organised some fundraising for the Alzheimers Society.

This is the lovely man who inspired me to do this charity auction.  Raymond was my hubbie's Grandad, such a lovely chap who was so gentle in nature and just look at those cool sideburns, everyone loved him to bits.

On the run up to our wedding we noticed he wasn't well. He went for a suit fitting and when he went to get changed back into his normal clothes he couldn't find his trousers anywhere ....... everyone finally realised he had put his suit trousers over his normal trousers  It seemed funny at the time but we didn't realise that it was a sign that he had the very early stages of Alzheimers.  He was ill for 12+ years, he went from being this gorgeous chap that we all knew and loved to a shell of his former self. Hubby's Nan looked after him at home until the day he left us.

With grandad in mind I set about arranging a fundraising auction and asking if anyone wanted to join the fun. This is always the nerve racking part of arranging something like this ...... will people feel as passionate as I do about this charity, will people have the time, money, inclination to take part or will I have to just go it alone and hope for the best??? 

So the dates were set and as time went by lots of gorgeous, wonderful hearted artists contacted me wanting to help me with this mission.

A few weeks on and roughly 40 artists came forward, full of enthusiasm and love for the event.  Honestly it made my heart skip a beat knowing that there was such support for the event and so many lovely people out there.

Of course I had to create something special for the event too so 'Hope' the tea-party loving bunny was created complete with a lace trim dress, wool scarf and bag.  She now has a carrot to take with her on her journey too and possibly will have her own tea cup and saucer if I can find some to send with her.

Please do pop along and say hello, even if you can't buy anything sharing the event will help us raise lots of money for the fab cause.

Click this link to see everything in the auction and all the info:  Art From the Heart Auction

I want to say thanks to all those fab artists joining in with the event and also to everyone sharing the event on their pages, twitter or via their blogs.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart - you are all fantastic! xxx

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