Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mini Beach Hut ......

Thank you for all your comments on my last couple of blog posts, I really love reading them and appreciate the time you take to post them.  I will try and reply back if you have an e-mail when time allows and my stupid RSI stops playing up (really must go to the Drs about it but keep putting it off :-().  Regarding the comments section, have you tried turning off your spam protection password on your blog?  I did a while ago to make it quicker for people to comment here and have hardly had any spam issues at all, I think I have had one spam that got through the system in the 6 months I have had it turned off.

Anyway enough of my tech talk, back to the little beach hut :-)  A little while ago I showed you some curtains I created for a very special house that arrived in our garden.  I have been wanting to get the kiddies a little playhouse for years but put if off due to the price of them but recently saw an offer at B&Q for one that was £99.  Nearly £100 is still a lot of money but I know that if I buy an outside toy for the kids they will spend hours playing with it.  Over the years we have bought them a sand pit, a trampoline and and little water/sand table and they play with these items for hours and hours plus keep the kiddies away from the TV and out in the fresh air - bonus :-)

This little hut was originally plain wood but I wanted to create a mini beach hut for them so I got my paint brushes and paint out.  I bought some cream wood paint and to save money on the blue paint I bought a little tester pot of that and added the cream paint to it.

I have planted some Sweet Williams around it so they can cut their own flowers in the summer and I carpeted the inside to make it all cozy.  I will show you the inside after a few more of the creations in my head come to fruition :-)

I got this cute little door sign commissioned, it was created by the very talented Handcrafted by Picto.  This is just so cute and perfectly us with the toadstools, daisies, dragonflies and a little ladybird and caterpillar pootling (love that word at the moment for some reason - not even sure if it an actual word) along the bottom.    What made it even more special is that I bought it from someone locally, she only lives down the road and I met her at a local supermarket to collect it - we had a lovely chat, she really is a lovely lady.   I found her on a group I created on Facebook for local artists to network.  The group is called East Anglian Artists, pop in if you are local and would like to join and share in the fun :-)  


  1. The beach hut looks gorgeous, mine always wanted a tree house, but we never had a tree....I'm sure pootling is a word, although my spellcheck doesn't think it is!!!! We've always used it in my family :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. That looks fantastic. I think for $99 (sorry I haven't got a pound sign on my keyboard) you've done very well. I'm looking forward to the big reveal on the inside.
    xXx Helen
    PS. I turned my word verification off too, I've only ever had one spam and it was someone spamming manually anyway!

  3. Wow that looks great! A real little beach hut of your own, can't wait to see the inside.
    Many hours of fun will be had in there.
    Have a great end to your week,
    Andrea x

  4. Such a sweet little beach hut! I love how you've painted it and the cute little sign is so pretty. I'm sure the inside will be delightful too. What a lovely place for the little sweetpeas to play and dream. Helen x

  5. Love the house! my daughter has got one and she loves it, she spent the whole summer in it! sadly hers is a plastic one :(

  6. Oh, that's so pretty! I can identify with this post, I was looking for a play house for the little ones and baulking at the price. I wonder if B&Q have the same offer all over the country, I will have a look!

    The little door sign is gorgeous and the curtains inside! They'll have a lot of fun playing in there! xxx

  7. It's really lovely, I love how you've painted it, and also your tip for saving money with the tester pot. I'm sure it'll be used all the time.

  8. Oh Zoe this is such a lovely little beach hut. I can almost see the kids spending hours of fun in there.

  9. Gorgeous!! That would keep my little Loopy for hours playing house in there!

  10. that sign is lovely Zoe, roll on the summer again then i will bring some iced drinks x x

  11. Very cute, they'll have so much fun and so will you too I bet!

    I'm hoping to get me a grown up one of these next year for the end of my garden. Girls just love to play house at any age ;o) Lolo xx

  12. I love your beach hut; such a place for dreaming and bringing out the child in you! The sign is adorable.

    My dream is to have a gipsy caravan when we have a house and garden of our own. Imagine the fun we could have decorating it! And the birthday parties in it, lovers' trysts, etc.

    Have fun dreaming.

  13. Hi Zoe, thank you for your kind words and including me in your blog post, I had fun painting the plaque. The garden hut looks a great place for the kiddies to play.
    To pootle is a real word, it's in both the Oxford and the Cambridge online dictionary, 'pootling about the lanes in the car' it's a great word.

    Jan x

  14. all gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
    loving that pootling is in the online dictionary too - it's such a perfect description!
    fee x

  15. I saw that playhouse in our local B&Q the other week and thought it was very cute. Look great painted. x

  16. I love your beach hut and have to confess that I have one of my own, a grown up version where I like to play !!!! it's there somewhere on my blog. It was stained red cedar for a few years but this year I painted it like a beach hut to match my blue & white stripy shed.

    I'm sure your children will love it for years to come.

  17. so cute! i love beech houses and how fab to have one in your garden, really lovely colours too.
    i love the fact that your little sweetpeas will be able to pick their own flowers.
    love jooles x


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