Friday 23 July 2010

Blog Award and 10 things about me

The lovely Shazronnie at Making Stuff recently gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award - thank you very much :-)  If you haven't been over to hers take a look as it is a fab blog with a mixture of all things crafty and some mouth watering recipes.

I do get confused with which award has what rules but I think this one has a 10 things about you thing going on.  I quite enjoyed this last time as it not only made me think about me for a min but also I learnt a lot about you too from your comments.

So here we go, 10 more things about me, ....... lets hope I can think of 10 things :-)

1)  I was mainly bought up by my Dad and Grandparents for quite a few years of my life as my Mum was the one who went to work full time to support my Dad setting up his business.

2)  I had all my kiddies without any pain relief (well apart from my natural chemicals) and am very happy about that but would have loved to have tried an epidural really - they were just too bloomin quick!

3)  I did photography at College and it was the best course I ever did (mainly for the fun times it created) - I really want to go back and do it again with my new SLR.

4)  I love cooking sweet things but am really no good at cooking savory things - luckily hubby is.

5)  My fav perfume is Clinique Happy as it always does make me feel happy and confident.  I think as I have worn it when having fun times it brings those feelings back when I wear it.

6)  I was once a bridesmaid as a child for someone I had never ever met and who weren't family.  Some lady (a friend of my Aunty) saw me and my sister in a photo and thought we looked pretty - very strange.

7)  The magazines laying next to my bed at the moment are, Gardners World, Green Parent and a craft magazine - that just sums me up really :-)

8)  I really want a VW Camper van but as they are nearly £28000 I think I may have to wait until I am old and grey (or have a blue rinse) before I get one.

9)  The house we live in is around 300 years old.   I am waiting for some new windows to arrive for it so that it looks more like it did originally - only been waiting 12 years for them :-)

10)  My fav places are 'our' beach in Mallorca, a quiet local beach which hardly ever has too many people on it and the Marina in our village.  hhhmmm is there something about water I find relaxing ???  In fact I used the thought of surfing to 'our' beach to get me through little sweetpeas birth and it worked wonders.

Now for passing this on, I really do have problems doing this as I wouldn't follow your blog unless I really loved reading it.  If I follow your blog, have recently commented on your blog or have only just visited your blog then this is for you :-)


  1. Well done on your blog award! I love the ten things about you, I think you can tell a lot about someone from the magazines they have laying about the place. I was bridesmaid for a couple who barely knew me, the bridegroom's mother cleaned for my parents and I was fourteen when they asked me to be their bridesmaid - that excruciatingly self-conscious age!! Hope your experience was better and didn't involve a plastic dress hoop that kept pinging up when you sat down! Love your blog, award is rightly deserved. xxxx

  2. I'm with you on the VW day (hopefully)!

    B xxx

  3. It was lovely to meet you today at Emma's. Lovely to read through your blog too... sorry I'd not discovered you before!

  4. Love learning more about you - that was very wierd about the bridesmaids!!!

  5. Congratulations on the blog award!

    It's nice to learn more about you, love that you have a 300 year old house, I've always wanted an old cottage to live in, one with lots of character! :)

  6. I loved reading these things about you!!! Oh yes, childbirth with no meds...I remember it well. I had four that way, but much preferred the experience with the two I had the epidural! LOL! I LOVE that you live in a 300 year old house!

  7. Hi! Thank you for your lovely comment..yes it's the best feeling, crafting with my girlie! Lovely to read your 10 Things! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  8. Congrats on your award and well deserved, you have a lovely blog. Thanks for your comment on my little hen keeping guide too. I have to say seeing programmes like that put me off buying chicken in tesco and I only buy free range now and even at that not a lot of it.

  9. Hello and thanks for visiting me at my blog! I have popped here to visit you, and I am glad I did do. I shall become a follower. I would love a VW camper van too! I would have it with flowers all over it, and polka dots and gingham inside. It will only ever happen in my head! Susie xxx

  10. Congrats on the award!
    I love hearing facts about my bloggy friends!
    No pain relief.......well done you! I'm scared of labour (I think scans hurt!!!!!)

  11. How strange about the bridesmaids! Hope you get your VW camper one day. Can't believe how much they cost! :O

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. xx

  12. Yes....a VW campervan. Well, dreaming is free!

  13. Congrats for the award! And a 300 years old!

  14. I loved reading your list! I have #4 down pat baking, but hubby is the cook.


  15. i ENJOYED reading and learning more about you. I too would love a VW Camper Van!


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