Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Yey I am back :-)

The bonkers Sweetpea family :-)

Wow that was a bloggy break I wasn't expecting, it seems like ages since I have been able to do a blog post :-(  It has been rather hectic here in the Sweetpea household with a family wedding, 3 birthdays and also making some more creations since I have been away - oh that is on top of the school hols :-)

A few weeks back my cousin got married, goodness it made me feel a bit old, I remember the day he was born and when he was little attending our wedding in a cute little suit.    Now I  am not really a fan of formal events like weddings, christenings etc as I am more of a welly wearing lady rather than a posh shoe lady and I am not really into all the pomp and circumstance of it all (it makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason).   I got a bit stressed on the run up to the day frantically trying to find outfits for all the kiddies as all the bloomin summer clothes had been removed from the shops but it was worth the stress as it was such a fun day.  Oh how I hate clothes shopping - I only really like charity shop shopping now, probably why I haven't bought myself clothes for ages.

This is me and my gorgeous little sister - can you tell she is wearing heels!

I asked her to do a 'Versace' pose here lol - she is so beautiful but doesn't know it!

This is my parents with my sis and I.  I think we all scrubbed up rather well - especially as after all the looking for clothes for the kiddies I just grabbed stuff out of my wardrobe for the day.  At the beginning is a blog of the Sweetpeas.

Now I am not sure why I was worried about this event being very formal with my family involved in it, we are not renowned for being the most sensible family :-)  Above is a photo of middle Sweetpea and Great Grandad Sweetpea with my Sister's tash bag, this went round the room for everyone to have photos taken with it.   There was also a pair of plastic glasses with a willy nose doing the rounds too - goodness knows who bought that with them but the photos are very funny indeed :-)

The next day was Eldest Sweetpea's birthday.  I was off work as I was feeling ill (not drink related I might add as I was the driver back from the wedding) so we all chilled out for the day.  I hadn't planned a party for the day of his birthday as I was meant to be at work so we were going to have a party later.  Well Sweetpea got bored and was playing up a bit so I said he could go out with his mates (rather than sending him to his room on his birthday) and this is the result, a broken wrist!  I wish I had sent him to his room now :-(

Poor dot was in goal playing footy with his mates, a ball was kicked at him to save only to push his wrist right back.  We were called from his mobile and rushed to get him, we initially thought he has pulled a muscle but then when he went into shock I drove him to A&E (well two A&E's as one didn't have the x-ray machine on !) as there was obviously something more wrong.  He had a buckle fracture on his wrist and now has a funcky blue cast on which we can take off ourselves in about a weeks time so he needs it on for 4 weeks all in all which isn't too bad.

I finally got to make his cake quite a few days after his actual birthday and he didn't have a party in the end :-(  He did however love his fishing cake complete with his dog ted in the back of the boat and he got enough birthday money to buy a really good BMX bike that he wanted.

He has gone off to secondary school today - this boy is growing up far to quickly for my liking.  How can I have a child who is at college when I am so young myself (I am 25 in my head :-)).  He seemed very happy going off, not too nervous at all which is wonderful, I hope he loves his new school.  I managed to sneak a little kiss on him before he ran off for the bus, he is nearly too old for kisses :-(  Little Sweetpea and Middle Sweetpea are under strict instructions not to grow any more :-) 


  1. You all look so happy in the wedding photographs :) Poor eldest sweetpea, thats the 2nd cast I've seen in blogland in the last few days:( who will be next?) His cake looks fantastic and he looks happy enough in his new uniform, yes, don't you just wish they would stop growing....
    Sue Xxx

  2. delightfully wonderful post- heart warming!
    you must feel so proud of your kids! ;0)
    love the picys of you and family ;0)
    My daughter who is only 4 (soon to be 5) is wearing size 9 1/2 clarks shoes- i had her feet measured- id been squeezing her feet in 8's all summer! hehe.
    it was such an emotional day seeing sophia in her school uniform- but proud.
    glad your back xx

  3. Your poor lad breaking his wrist on his birthday. Hope he is well on the mend now.

  4. Lovely smiley wedding photo's, your family has a good sense of humour passing around the moustache bag.

    Not much fun to fracture your wrist on your birthday, hope eldest sweetpea is now feeling better. Luckily I don't have the going back to school blues as my youngest who's 15 is home educated...........physics and higher maths revision has commenced.....yuk!

    lily x

  5. Awwwww - I think you both look lovely.

    Another young man off to secondary school - mine started on Monday. Wow - what a mixed bag of emotions yesterday was.

    take care,

    Nina x

  6. What a fab post! You looked stunning in the wedding pics! Looks like you all had a lovely time! I like a good family get together. They are few and far between, so we have to make the most of them when they do come round!

    My eldest starts big school tomorrow............I feel so nervous for him! How did that happen, yesterday he was in a pram! it's amazing how fast time goes!


  7. Lovely cake! What a hectic time you've had of it, hope it all settles down soon xx

  8. lovely post! (your sister knows how to work that pose!)
    We too had a family wedding earlier in the summer - what a pain to have to buy smart clothes for scruffy boys for all of 4 hours!
    My #1 went to high school for the first time today too (and I'm surely not old enough either) but haven't heard how he got on as he appears to have gone to play football....if that new blazer is currently being used as a goal post there will be BIG trouble.
    Hope yours got on well - such an exciting time for them,
    fee x

  9. Oh my goodness!! Where has that young man sprung from? Doesn't he look smart? I bet a few tears were shed this morning, and not from him! Bless him breaking his arm on his birthday though, of all days to do it. Daniel broke his arm playing football too, in goals. He stayed behind at school for football training and complained that he'd banged his arm on the goalpost. I told him it would be bruised and that it would hurt him. It wasn't until the following week when he was still complaining about it that I took him to a&e, and yes, it was broken. What a bad mum am I? I love the birthday cake too, very original. Looks like you all had a lovely time at the wedding, it's so nice to have a family get together, and no matter how stressed you get in the run up to it, you end up having a wonderful time in the end.

  10. Looks like you all had a fantastic time - there's nothing like a wedding! Love the cake!

  11. Lovely pics of you all at the wedding. Hope your son's wrist is recovering well. Ros

  12. Aw, they're never too old for kisses!! How awful for your DS to break his wrist on his birthday, I hope he's mended soon and it isn't causing too much upset.

    The wedding photos are lovely and you look very pretty and happy in them!! I agree about weddings though, I get a bit stressed about what to wear and the general formal atmosphere. That wedding looks like it had a good element of fun about it though and I'm glad you all had a good day. Good to see you blogging again! xxxx

  13. What a fab post - I simled throughout when reading it apart from DS broken wrist!

    Nice to see you back


  14. Welcome Back!!!
    A really lovely post. as always!!
    You all looked lovely but yes it is really stressfull about what to wear to such occasions!so sorry about eldest sweetpeas wrist, hope it's not too much of a pain for him with being at school.
    Have a lovely evening,
    Andrea x

  15. I love that photo of your family! You're all looking fit, cheerful and not a bit sleep-deprived. >;-D

    So sorry about the wrist - hoping it heals with lightning speed.

  16. What a lovely, funny post. Sounds like a busy time.

  17. What a lovely post! It's great when family get together on special occations but I know what you mean about not being a fan of formal events, I feel the same! I have to say though - you look gorgeous! I love your outfit :)

    Hope the birthday boy is on the mend now, that'll be a birthday he won't forget in a hurry, bless him :) but I'm sure the fabulous fishing cake with Ted the dog made up for it... fantastic!!

    Take care, Louise xx


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