Thursday, 22 September 2011

Gorgeous Cards and Felt Creations :-)

Thanks for all your comments re the bees, I will keep you posted on what they are doing and how we get on with them :-)

Some time ago I received a lovely parcel from Andrea at the blog Fin and Gabs.  I was going to do an interview with her but what with me being very forgetful and Andrea being a busy Mum it hasn't happened so I thought I would do a post about her lovely creations.

Andrea is one very busy women, she not only creates these gorgeous cards but also runs a shop based in Hanover Road, Scarborough, writes articles for magazines whilst also looking after her lovely children Fin and Gabs.  How on earth she fits it all in I will never know!

Just look at this lovely bunch of cards  (minus one or two as I have used a couple already).

Andrea makes the original cards with fabric, ribbon, buttons and line drawing.  They are then printed by Creatives Inc and are fantastic quality.  The embossing of the cards really makes it look like they are still made of ribbon and fabric!  The only problem with them is that they are far too nice and I am having problems sharing them :-)

You can also buy original cards, lovely covered books etc from her on-line shop or in her real life shop below :-)  Click on the link or pop in to see some scrummy looking things.

She not only stocks her own items but many other items in her shop and she now stocks some of my creations  too:-)  How fantastic is that - I was really, really chuffed when she asked if I could send her some stock !  oohh if only I lived closer, I have a real urge to visit this shop!

Here is an idea of some of the things I sent Andrea:

I hope they sell well for her.  I have been selling a few things via facebook here Scented Sweetpeas.  I couldn't make a living out of it but am really enjoying creating for others and getting some lovely feedback.  It is so nice knowing people are enjoying my little makes :-)

Other news this week is that Eldest Sweetpea had his cast taken off.  It was a cast that can be removed yourself which was interesting.

We peeled off the blue cover and then had to cut down the soft part whilst avoiding the hardest part of the cast.  Slow and steady won the race - it was a bit scary having scissors so close to his skin without being able to see what we were doing !  Look at Ted looking on anxiously :-)  He has been really good the whole time the cast has been on, not once has be complained. 

Better be off now as the kiddies are all kicking off - take care everyone and I hope you have a fab Friday. x


  1. This is such a lovely crafty post, Zoe! I love Andrea's work, she is so creative and her style is very fresh. I was lucky enough to win her giveaway recently and am so enjoying her makes. Your own creations are really lovely too, such sweet little felt hair accessories, so perfect for little girls. (Glad the cast has come off safely too!)
    Have a great weekend.
    Helen x


  3. Oh, I so wish DD would let me put clips in her hair, your clips are beautiful!

  4. Your hair clips and Andrea's cards are very pretty.

  5. Those cards are gorgeous, I shall have to pop in to the shop the next time I'm in Scarborough. Your hair slides are lovely too, especially the cherry one, wonderful. Glad to hear that the cast is off at last.

  6. Beautiful cards! And I love your makes too!
    Sarah x

  7. Hi Zoe,
    I am so sorry to not have commented on this lovely post I have been away from blogging a while, a hectic couple of weeks in my household! thankyou so much for the mention and the pics are just lovely! Your hairclips are selling well, will be needing some more shortly! Have had such a lot of lovely comments about hem and I have wrote down your blog for quite a few people too!
    Andrea x


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