Saturday, 10 September 2011

Creating birthday gifts

Recently I have been trying to make a lot of presents or buy them from artists rather than buying from shops.  I don't know why but I don't find much excitement in high street shopping anymore (unless it is whilst pottering round just looking at things whilst chatting to friends or family).

With my ickle Sister's birthday coming up I had to put my thinking cap on as to what she might like.  She recently popped over to give us a training course on how to ice cupcakes properly so cupcakes was one idea.  In fact she had bought me a day out with her in London to decorate cupcakes with her but I chickened out :-(  I don't know why but my confidence levels drop sometimes and the old shy me re-appears for some things - my sis is really understanding and let me chicken out - I love her so much for loving me for who I am (oohh soppy moment there lol).   Isn't the brain a funny thing - there are so many things I am confident about and people who know me probably wouldn't believe how shy the inner me is sometimes (especially when sleep deprivation takes hold) - I have to fight her quite often :-)

The kiddies loved their Auntie showing them how to ice with a piping bag and we made some funky retro cakes.

Here they are next to our retro phone which we are still loving.

So a little box of cupcakes it was.  I had a little brain wave to add love hearts on the top of them and some pink sparkly sprinkles.  I had to go through all the love hearts though as some of them were mean and not nice with things like 'grow up' written on them - when did that happen?

I then found some wonderful little cupcake boxes in Sainsburys to set them off nicely.

Now as you will know if you read my last blog post, my Sis loves tashes!  Not sure why but she does so I set about making her a key ring of moustaches that she could use for any occasion :-)

There were curly ones, little ones and long ones ......

I then I added a cute little heart with some ribbon on that I bought a while back especially for my family.  My Mum always tells my kiddies that she loves them 'this much' with her arms out so when I saw this ribbon I had to have it :-)

Just look at that cute girl in her hoody with her arms stretched as wide as they can possibly go :-)

Some time ago she asked if I could make her one of my daisy chains for some festivals she was going to so this was another pressie.  There is something lovely about making something for someone when you know they are going to get so much joy out of it - you smile all the way through making it :-)

Last but not least I ordered her a Scented Sweetpeas bath bomb box from Caroline's Creations, it must have been the best smelling item I have ever received through the post!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post, I really do love reading them and they always make me smile - thanks for spending your precious time doing that. x


  1. The cakes look yummy! And loving the little heart keyring.

    Sarah x

  2. She will love all of those fab goodies I am sure and each made with her specially in mind eh?! Self confidence is a strange beast isn't it?

  3. This is lovely. What a thoughtful sister you are, I am sure she will love them all

  4. Fantastic presents, love the ribbon, so cute.......the self confidence monster......very scary when he appears, lot's of times I've chickened out of things too. x

  5. Lovely lovely gifts, I'd certainly be morethan happy to receive them.
    The taches are fab, so much fun and the daisy chain so pretty.
    I'm determined to make as many Christmas gifts as poss this year!

    B xxx

  6. What a great lot of ideas. I too love the keyring and especially the cute little heart (Oh and the ribbon)Fab!

  7. Hello!
    Thank you for popping over to my blog :)
    Your cupcakes look fab as do your crafty bits!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

  8. I love making presents as well at the moment- it seems so much more personal and love filled.
    I also quite frequently have to "fight" inner me as well!!!!
    Inner me can be incredibly lazy and shy as well!

  9. My sister-in-law recently went on a course to learn how to make cupcakes and the results having been nothing less than bloody fantastic! The absolutely best cupcakes I have ever eaten!

  10. Homemade pressies, made with love are the best, she will love them

  11. Back blogging and catching up. Yummy cakes, and yes what has happened to love heart sweets these days, they were much kinder when I was a kid. Lolo x

  12. Lovely, so much nicer than something grabbed off a shelf!
    Great to see you back xxx

  13. Yummmmmooooo! Those cakes look delish!
    I think the personal touch is perfect for presents- and I know what you mean about high street shops. I visited a major store yesterday and walked around in disbelief at how much everything costs (£18 for a pair of child's trousers? That he will grow out on in a month? I don't think so!)
    Good on yip- your gifts will be treasured far more than anything from the high street.

  14. Oh it's so great to see you back!

    What a lovely sister you are - your thoughtful pressies beat anything bought by miles. How cute is that ribbon?

    I loved your last post too - it brought a lump to my throat.


  15. Such lovely makes and cakes! You are a very sweet sister, and have a lovely family (loved your pix in the last post too!) You should not doubt yourself, but self confidence is a very strange thing and often the people who have the least should really be having the most!
    Enjoy your Sunday, hope it's sunny for you and the sweetpeas.
    Helen x

  16. Hello lovely, good to see you posting again :)
    I love those swirly orange cupcakes xx

  17. What thoughtful gifts. And the ribbon is so cute. The moustache key ring made me smile.

  18. Fabulous presents, I'd be over the moon if someone had put so much effort in to making my birthday present. The cupcakes look so professional, and the love hearts are a lovely finishing touch. We used to have one of those telephones but in red. My kids are fascinated by them whenever they see one.

  19. They all look lovely, I love the retro cakes, they made me think of Halloween!
    You would have loved the day out icing cakes but I can understand why you didn't feel you could go, self confidence is not something you can pretend about, just be proud of who you are!
    Fantastic post and great makes, I love the little heart and the ribbon.
    Have a lovely Sunday evening with the Sweetpeas, I am now going to sort the uniforms for tomorow!
    Andrea x

  20. Gorgeous cakes and gorgeous keyrings. What a great idea. Have a good week. Ros

  21. how lucky for us to have sisters we love so!
    (today of all days I recognise my luck)

    I love all your gifts - and those moustashios! Not so keen on my own though!
    happy week
    fee x

  22. The cupcakes look amazing! Gosh, I am feeling the hunger kick in! ha ha!

    I am terribly shy in 'real' life! No one can believe it when I say that in blogland! Typing on a computer is such a different thing to being face to face with people!

    I ADORE your keyring tashes! My sister-in-law has a very big soft spot for them too! Funny!

    Have a super day!

    love Vanessa xxxxxxxxx

  23. yum yum yum!!!!

    I have been with a gorgeous man with a moustache for 25 years, every now and again he ponders with the idea of shaving it off - he is met with resounding NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Cupcakes are a great gift - everyone expects them from me now so I have to come up with different ones each time! Loving the daisy chain too - gorgeous!

  25. Oh I LOVE the daisy chain. That's really lovely. I may have to pinch that idea (if you don't mind!)and make one for my niece to hang in her new bedroom. Mr Bristle.......what a fab name for a chimney sweep! x

  26. I wish I could ice cakes properly - a beautiful swirl is all I wish for, but I always end up with a wonky mess.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  27. Lovely gifts, so much nicer to have handmade things. As for the love hearts having some mean things on, I'm shocked, it kind of goes against the point of them somehow. Bethx

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