Friday, 30 September 2011

Cosmic Playdough :-)

I recently posted a blog about how I am really enjoying creating gifts rather than buying them now which a lot of you seemed to enjoy.  I thought I would share a quick post about a gift I created for a friends little boy, this is quick and easy to create, some of you may like to try it out.

My friend has 4 kiddies so I know she doesn't want toys/gifts that fill the house :-)  I had a little brain-wave (very rare in my brain and I was surprised it didn't hurt :-)) to use 1 of the many coffee jars I had been saving for something (not sure what but they are too nice the throw out) as a jar to keep some sparkly playdough in.

Some time ago I posted a tutorial on how to make playdough.  You can follow the link here to view it.

This dough is really easy to create and when stored in an airtight container it lasts for ages.   I made two balls of this sparkly playdough for my friends little boy and then decorated the jar with stars.  I added a little label in the shape of a rocket with a note on the back saying 'Arthur's Cosmic Playdough'.   You could give this gift on its own or with some cookie or playdough cutters and a bit of oilcloth as a playdough mat.  You could also adapt it for girly girls with pink playdough and a girly theme.

This was a real hit, he really loved it and his Mum was chuffed too as it doesn't take up much room and keeps him amused for ages :-)


  1. This is a lovely idea, something cheap and simple but it looks great xxxx

  2. Looks lovely, I often make playdough for work in huge quantities and made gluten free versions for my middle whitething lots when she was younger but had never thought of it as a homemade present - genius!

  3. I love this idea, it would be great for those rainy days when I'm babysitting the grand-girlies. x

  4. What a great idea. I'll hve to keep this in mind for future birthday's..

    I love your new banner, it looks very professional.

    Ashley xxx

  5. Saw the title of your post and immediately thought of Rodney Trotter... as in 'Cosmic Delboy'.

    Asides from that it is a great wee present and I like it immensely. Top marks missus. And have a great weekend. Ax

  6. A good idea....and I like the sparkles!

  7. Really fun idea, better than some plastic rubbish! Cute presentation too, I am also a saver of coffee jars, though never quite know what to do with them! x

  8. Great Playdough- Good luck with the jelly bag!

  9. Great Playdough- Good luck with the jelly bag!

  10. brilliant idea! Love the jar!

    BH x

  11. This is such a great idea! So simple but so imaginative...I'm going to try this for a little boy I know! I used to make playdough for my girls when they were small and they played with it for hours!
    Have a great weekend. Helen x

  12. This is a fab idea for a gift, and the presentation looks lovely!
    Gabs has been in hospital recently and funnily a lady that does crafts on the childrens ward made play dough one day, so Gbas joined in and realy enjoyed it!
    Andrea x

  13. What a brilliant idea. I could have done with ideas like this when my two were little, there was a party just about every week and you end up running out of ideas for presents.

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  15. This is the best idea for a child's gift! I know the mums who's children get a gift like this just love it!
    hugs from here...


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