Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween and a sad loss .....


It has been an eventful week so far in the Sweetpea household.  We had fun at the beginning of the week creating things for Halloween.  Instead of just going trick or treating I asked the children if they also wanted to decorate our car-port and turn it into a spooky barn for the trick or treaters.

In preparation the children did their pumpkins on Saturday evening.  They had 4 pumpkins, 3 bought locally and our largest one was given to us by our allotment neighbour - he is so sweet!


I think they enjoyed squidging the contents as much as they did carving the pumpkins!

We created a cat, a bat and two scary faces - wwaaahh ha ha ha - scary aren't they :-)

We then had fun with some with our old milk bottles - I saw this idea on Pinterest and couldn't resist!

We decorated the car-port to make it look all spooky ....

And had a bucket for apple bobbing and a bowl with homemade slime in it for people to put their hands in and get their treat.  The slime was a great hit and was easily made from cornflour, water and green food colouring.

Above is eldest Sweetpea testing out the apple bobbing , it is amazing how many of the children had never tried it before.  A lot of fun was had by making our trick or treaters work for their treats :-)  It was such a hit we are going to expand it next year even if (as eldest Sweetpea reminded me) I did say 'never again!' whilst preparing it all, mind you to be fair Mr Sweetpea did have to be taken to A&E by my Father-in-Law with a suspected broken foot whilst I was trying to arrange it all.  Luckily my Mother-in-Law stayed behind and helped to create the slime (Mr Sweepea's foot was thankfully not broken but he has torn a ligament in his foot) :-)

We have had a few sad things happen this week as well.  We lost poor little Petal (our chicken in the photo below).  She died in her sleep with her head still tucked under her wing - she looked so content and sweet :-(  She was the most lovely chicken, she was disabled and couldn't cluck (she just made a little squeaky noise) but she was still a very happy chicken who liked to be stroked.  

We also lost another chicken too, we had an old chicken which I re-named Battle-axe as she was a big bully really.  She started to sit for quite a while this year but I think she was too old for all that really as they lose a lot of body weight when sitting.  She was found dead this morning in the other chicken pen :-(


  1. awww bless the chickens now in clucky heaven!
    but the photos of the halloween look wonderful for the teh milk bottle idea!!!! xx

  2. Well that looks like the most fun ever on a Halloween...and those milk jugs lanterns are the best idea!
    Sorry about sad has a way of making stew- good and bad times all jumbled together!

  3. Really sorry to hear about the chickens :( such sad news, but at least they had a good life being cared for and with lots of grass to peck around in! Your Halloween efforts are amazing, much better than anything round here!! xx

  4. What a fantastic set up for Halloween.... The photos are fantastic :) Sorry to hear about your husband and the chicken :( I hope your husband is feeling much better now :)
    Sue Xxx

  5. Sorry about the chicken loss - but as others have said they've had a happy & free life with you.

    Hope MrSweetpea is on the mend soon.

    Your halloween pics are lovely - amazing how many children have never apple bobbed. Big son helps with the local beaver troupe and he had to demostrate this last night as they didn't understand - even better afterwards they have to rescue a sweet from a bowl of flour - I think he enjoyed it as much as the little ones!!

  6. Awwwww sad news about the chickens, may they rest in chicky heaven.

    The Halloween evening looked awesome! I bet all the trick or treaters had such a fab time coming to your house!


  7. My sympathies for your chickeny loss. We have only recently lost 2 of ours, including our own beloved Portia who died cuddled up in her sleep. She had lost her cluck too.

  8. Aww that is sad news about your chucks :( The Halloween activities look great fun, we love making slime !!
    twiggy x

  9. great Halloween photos xx
    hugs for your sad losses xx

  10. I love the decorating the car port idea and the milk bottle lights! I am sorry to hear about your hens. I have another one that seems she won't be around much longer. So sad. x

  11. Such sad news about your chickens, but it sounds as though they left this world contented. It looks like you had lots of fun on Halloween, we didn't get one trick or treater here, I couldn't believe it. I love those milk bottle lanterns, a brilliant idea.

  12. I am so, so sorry to hear about your lovely chickens passing away. I am CERTAIN they had a divine life at yours and will be up in hen heaven looking down fondly at you all.

  13. I love the milk bottle lights. Sorry about your chickens. We used to keep them when the kids were small so I know they become part of the family.

  14. Sorry to hear about your chickens :(

    Great decorations and scary car-port, we don't get any trick or treaters around here - we take the boys all dressed up to my Sister's to get their spooky loot. Maybe we'll try some of the houses in the village next year.


  15. oh babe 2 chickens in so many days poor ol girls x x

  16. So sorry about the chickens, me coming from a farm I am used to it as are Fin and Gabs but when your chicks are your loved and treasured pets it is totally different, so very sorry.
    Your Hallowen escapades look terrific, such great ideas but a shame about Mr Sweetpea, hope he is on the mend very soon.
    Halloween was quite poor around here this year, you would certainly show them a thing or two!
    Have a good end of the week and enjoy your weekend, they come around so quickly!
    Love Andrea x

  17. That bought a tear to my eye about your sweet chickens especially the one still tucked up asleep. They did have a lovely life with you and couldn't ask for a better place to be.

    Your Halloween theme was brilliant and I think it is a great idea to do it again next year, makes much more of a community thing instead of just knocking on doors and getting some sweets dropped in your bags. Even though I'm a grown up, if I lived near you I'd been round to have a go ;o) Lolo xx

  18. Poor little chucks. Your halloween puts mine to shame!

  19. So sorry about your chooks Zoe...any loss is hard :(
    Your Halloween decorating is so cool...the milk bottle lanterns are excellent!

  20. Your halloween looks so cool! I love the milk bottles, what a great idea and your pumpkins too! Sorry about your chickens and I hope mr sweetpea's foot mends soon!!

    Kate x

  21. I love your Halloween decorations. The milk bottles are really effective and the pumpkins are brilliant!

    Sorry to hear about your poor chooks. We lost another chicken last week. She had been running around like a sprinter one day and the next, she was very lethargic and obviously in a big decline. She was one of our favourites too, despite being almost bald and never growing her feathers back. It's hard not to get attached to the chickens, they're such characters aren't they. xxxxx

  22. Ah,I'm so sorry to hear about the poor chicken, that's very sad for you all. Your Halloween celebrations look wonderful, such a good idea...and I especially loved seeing little sweetpea enjoying the pumpkin lantern making! Hope your hb is much better now. Have a good week.
    Helen x

  23. Sorry to hear about the chickens. The pumpkins look fantastic and the apple bobbing and slime sounds like a great idea for the local trick or treaters, much more interesting than just giving out sweets! :) x

  24. I'm so sorry for the loss of your chickens and on a completely different note - love your halloween festivities and decorations.

    Nina x


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