Monday, 17 February 2014

Fun with flood icing ....

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The girls love baking so we recently decided to try our hand at flood icing some biscuits, you can create some really lovely effects using this technique.

So how did you do it ????  All you need are some cookies, icing, food colouring, an icing bag and a cocktail stick.  We made cute heart shaped ones ..... pick a recipe you like and remember to pop the dough in the fridge for about 20 mins before rolling it out and cutting it so that it keeps the shape when you bake them.  Let them cool completely before decorating them.

Now mix up some icing in the colour that you want to outline your cookie.  Make sure you create a thick icing, just liquid enough to go through your piping bag.

Pipe a line around your whole cookie, this will hold the other icing inside so make sure there are no gaps :-)  Let it dry for at least 30 mins.

Now mix up some icing which isn't too thick in consistency, you need to be able to pour it off the spoon.  Spoon some onto your cookie, less is more at this stage so start off with a small spoon full and then add more if needed ..... if you add too much at this stage it will overflow over the top of your outline icing.

 Now use a cocktail stick to work your icing into the corners ....... it is a bit like painting with icing.

Now at this stage you can either let it dry completely and then add your decorations or you can go ahead and add spots, swirls, lines and it will give an nice watercolour effect ...... just have fun, they will taste nice no matter what the creative outcome :-D

Whilst creating these we also made some jam filled cookies ..... yum !


  1. Why haven't I looked at your blog before? It is fabulous and may just inspire me to get creative this half term. Thank you! Off to bookmark you (promise you won't feel a thing!)

    1. Welcome aboard and thanks for the bookmark, it was indeed painless :-)

  2. These iced biscuits look great! Thanks for sharing your ideas and tips!
    Gill xx

  3. Oh you have tempted me to get some biscuits. They look v. Nice x

  4. Mmmm, they look delicious....just perfect with a nice cup of tea!
    Caroline xx

  5. Gorgeous, Zoe! Thanks for sharing the tips too!
    Helen xx

  6. They look wonderful. An idea for next valentines.
    S xx

  7. I need a piping tip. :P Shared on FB. xx

  8. Oh wow, I love these! Those jam biscuits look especially tempting :)


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