Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Take an old container ........

Little Sweetpea loves nothing more than sitting at her little writing desk doodling and created lists so I thought it was about time she had her very own little pen pot.

After finishing the latest tin of scummy hot chocolate I decided to turn it into a pen pot for her.  It is such a simple project which I know will make her very happy when she returns from school later today :-)

I thought I would write a little tutorial so that if someone else wanted to make one they could, so here goes.

First wash the tin out so it doesn't cover the pencils in chocolate (although that would make them smell very lovely indeed).

Then measure around the tin and measure the length of the tin to determine the paper sizes needed.  Cut your pretty paper to the right width and length and stick around the tin.  I used double sided sticky tape (Blue Peter Stylee) do to that.  Then maybe add a border in the middle ....... get creative .....

Now take some pretty scissors and cut some ribbon or cute pom pom trim to give the tin some bling !

Loving the pom pom trim ....... reminds me of my Nan's vintage lamp shades :-)

Then add any other items you want, let your imagination run wild!  Now pop it on the table for your little one to find and watch the big smile on their face (this is the most important part of the project ..... those smiles are so precious :-) ) ..... or keep the tin for yourself :-)  You could even decopatch the tin, newspaper print would look pretty cool.

Happy creating.


  1. Lovely - I am currently decluttering and reorganising my stuff! handy idea! Will wash some tins as we have lots.

  2. Awww how sweet, I bet little Sweetpea loves her new tin :)
    Thanks for the tutorial!
    Caroline xx

  3. Very pretty, and I love your scissors !!

  4. Lovely! Yayyy it makes me happy. :D

  5. I always think those 'tins' are too good to put in the recycling once their scrummy contents have used up, I hope you captured little sweetpeas face when she 1st saw it :)

  6. Such a lovely idea Zoe...a very pretty transformation indeed...I'm sure you made Little Sweetpea's day!
    Susan x

  7. What a great idea!
    I must get me some pompom trim- I love it!!
    Wishing you a happy week,
    Sarah xx


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