Tuesday, 13 August 2013

This moment ........ the lost tooth

Little Sweetpea (now aged 5) lost her tooth yesterday morning.  It had been wobbly for some time but after her big brother pushing her it got knocked out ..... the first I knew about it was when she appeared crying with blood all over her face :-(

After some cuddles and consoling she seemed happy to know the tooth fairy would be paying her a visit.

So yesterday evening she popped her tooth in hair fairy heart that I made her last year and we hung it on her bedroom door for her.  After a few wakings we realised she may be worried about the tooth fairy arriving so we popped it on our door instead.

She ended up in our bed in the end but was overjoyed to find a shiney 50p and a bottle of very special fairy dust.

This has been worn round her neck all day.  None of the older children have ever been left fairy dust, I told her it must have been because her tooth got knocked out and that she was brave about it :-)


  1. NO! A top one! Rufus has just lost his first a bottom left. He looks strange, gappy and with an overbite (which he didn't have before) - weird. I thought bottoms came before the tops?

  2. The tooth fairy, I remember her well. My creative daughter used to make gifts for her and as well as the loose tooth placed in the special pocket, she would put letters in tiny fairy writing, paper clothes and buttons & beads. How do I know?, the tooth fairy sent them to me, of course.
    S xx

  3. So sweet! What a special tooth fairy you have there! I love the pretty little bottle of fairy dust :)
    Btw, thank you for asking about my pretty new crochet hooks, they are Clover amour ones (they were a lovely birthday present).
    Helen x

  4. Aww - bless her. Violet's got her first wobbly tooth, so I'll be spending Monday, whilst she's at school, trying to make some sort of special Tooth Fairy envelope for her to pop under her pillow. She seems really excited, but I can imagine the excitement will turn to worry when it finally decides to pop out. Jill x

  5. My granddaughter 's friends told her that she should put her tooth in a glass of water. When the tooth fairy retrieved the tooth, the fairy's colour would become known as she would leave some in the glass. So she was happy to tell me her fairy was green as the water in the morning was sparkly green. Good thing she had advised her Mommy of what was expected. Mommy said it was difficult to locate the colour and glitter that granddaughter had not used yet. They had just moved from overseas so this was a new tradition to them.


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