Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Getting away from it all ....

Well lets try again, this blog post seems to have taken me ages to get sorted what with issues trying to upload photos etc.  It seems like ages since I have been to my little writing space (and as I type little one is shouting at me as she is bored as this has taken me far too long to do :-().  I had better be quick ....

We have been away to our little bolt hole in Mallorca (or Morca as little Sweetpea calls it).  It is a place in the hills away from all the hustle and bustle of life - no mains elec, no phones, no tv  - bliss.  It is nice to get away from all the electrical items that modern life brings us.

We went to the beach every day. 

We ate fresh sea food.

We watched the children grow in front of our very eyes.

I created new pretty things whilst watching the children play in the sea.  I even went in the sea myself this year :-o  Mr Sweetpea was rather shocked at how well I could swim - I usually hide under the trees sewing or looking after the children  :-)

I even found time to paint my nails !

We saw some amazing little creatures

Rock Mouse, Octopus, Angry Snail, Crab

The children kept themselves busy - most of the time :-)

Eldest Sweetpea is getting rather hormonal which did make some of the holiday testing.  After a real pep talk towards the end of it he calmed down a bit thank goodness.

Right I had better be off, little one is now starting to drive me very crazy and I have spent far too much time on this new blogger layout.  I will leave you with on my of my fav views - I do love hanging washing out in the sunshine.  Take care xxx



  1. wash on the line is one of my very favorite things.
    and your holiday looks like it was wonderful!

  2. Your holiday sounds idyllic!and really love the photo of your brood sitting in front of the sea.It does you good to get away from technology sometimes but lovely that you can come home and share it with us:)Love the nails too,Cassandra :)xx

  3. Oh what a gorgeous post...full of delicious scrumminess!
    A holiday is always a lovely dose of happy medicine.
    I'm off to Cornwall next week for a couple of weeks to do just the same....

    Tilly x

  4. It looks fabulous and with sunshine too!!

  5. Sounds pretty perfect!
    The box of threads looks pretty perfect too ;)

  6. Hi Zoe,
    A lovely post full of perfect images of a great time! how I would love to be there.
    Know what you mean about hormones, Fin is full of them!!!
    So glad you had a lovely time,
    Andrea x

  7. looks so blissful your holiday home ;0) a great escape from daily mod cons sounds perfect ;0)x lovely images of your family xx

  8. It all looks deliciously Enid Blyton...


  9. What a wonderful time you have had. I love the photos of your darling family enjoying their holiday!

  10. Looks like you all had a fantastic time. Love the painted toes :) x

  11. oooooh that looks just like what I need right now :O)

  12. Seems that you and your family had a wonderful break. Those huge prawns look yummy!! ;)

  13. how lovely to have sun and sea and fresh air...and no grey skies or rain (bless it!)!it looks so the new look blog x

  14. Looks as though you had a really lovely break. Good to get away from all the English rain this year! Ros

  15. Your holiday looks heavenly. Relaxing and fun. We're going to Yorkshire again this year, we'd hoped to try for a proper seaside holiday but have failed, again, never mind, maybe next year :) Bethx (the linen cat)

  16. That looks wonderful, so lovely and warm too. The seafood made me feel very hungry! xxx

  17. Looks gorgeous! All that sunshine must have been wonderful! :) x

  18. Magical! Nothing else to add ;)

  19. Btw, I'm having a giveaway on my blog ;)

  20. Such lovely pictures and real feeling of family love... thank you for sharing


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