Tuesday, 26 July 2011

They just keep on growing :-(

Well it is the end of term here and the end of an era with Eldest Sweetpea moving up to Secondary School in September.   We had end of term school productions where he played an entrepreneur and then he had his cycling proficiency test in the last week too (he passed unlike me who must be the only person in Britain who didn't much to Mr Sweetpeas amusement for many years!).

We also had SATS results and school reports sent home.  I was incredibly proud that Eldest Sweetpea did really well in his SATS especially as I didn't send him to any of the after school classes he was asked to attend.  I must say the SATS process really did annoy me, we were told that the children were not going to be put under any pressure for these tests and then came letters home re parents meetings regarding them and extra lessons for the children after school.  I stuck to my instincts (which is really quite hard when you get all these 'no pressure' invites from the school) and didn't go to any meetings or send him to any extra lessons.  I knew that if I had attended meetings I would have accidentally put pressure on him for a test that really is to do with how the school is performing not him, also the extra lessons would have put pressure on him too and then he would have frozen when the tests did take place.  In the end he was very chilled out about the tests and did his best and did very well indeed, especially in his favourite subject Science :-)  Middle Sweetpea and Little Sweetpea did very well in their reports too - one chuffed Mum !

Thursday night there was the School Disco and I went to help, goodness I nearly cried several times watching all the Year 6 kiddies together - thank goodness it was dark!  Eldest Sweetpea's year has been a lovely year group, nearly all have them have known each other since Pre-School and I know them very well.  Friday then saw his last ever walk to school so we all took a trip there together ....

In the afternoon they had a last assembly which was held in the village Church, I really was in two minds as to go or not as I knew it would make me upset.  I asked Eldest Sweetpea if he wanted me to go and he said 'I am not bothered really' so I asked him again telling him the only reason I didn't want to go was that it would make me cry and he then replied 'Oh, if you are going to cry then I want you to come, I never see you cry' ...... well really, what a loving son I have lol.

Well I got over my own feelings (after feeling low all morning, blimey I didn't know it would upset me that much) and went along to the Church.  Thank goodness for little Sweetpea, Bear and their little mate Harley for distracting me with their giggles, cushion arranging and dancing to the Year 6's songs. 

Above is a photo of Eldest Sweetpea being presented with a RSPB book that he had picked as one he liked - he was really happy with it as it also had a CD with bird songs on it :-)

It was a lovely event and I am really glad I got over my worries and went along.  I held in most of my tears and only became dewy eyed for a little while.  Luckily I had these lovely and rather apt tissues in my bag that Emma Bear Forever gave me some time ago - see bloggers to the rescue :-)


  1. They do grow up far too quickly don't they.

    I was quite sad to see the end of Middle School days as Little Son left there last week.

    We never did anything for those SATS - no classes or extra revision - both boys did find and didn't feel under pressure.

  2. Good for you holding firm on the SATS - they make me terribly cross.
    Hope you all have a lovely summer

  3. Don't you wish you could bottle time,
    Well done for sticking to your principles.... sometimes though, I think sometimes the schools are put under pressure by well meaning parents, thinking extra must be better.... Enjoy your summer holidays :)
    Sue Xxx

  4. What a lovely family your have. Savour every minute. It goes so fast! I am now a grandmother and it seems only yesterday that the kids were tiny.

  5. It's time that SATS were done away with, kids are under enough pressure these days without adding to them. Good for you sticking to your principles. I remember when my two went up to secondary school, I was a gibbering wreck at their leavers assemblies. They do grow up far too quickly.

  6. Ah, what a sweet post. It's hard to get through all these milestones without shedding a tear, I think. But as you say, having amusing smaller ones around really takes your mind off it! You were very brave to stand out against the school pressure over Sats lessons - and obviously did just the right thing too! Have a lovely summer holiday with all your quickly growing sweetpeas!
    Helen x

  7. Aw lovely! You must be so proud of your eldest sweetpea! :-)

  8. Aww, what a lovely post! Congratulations to them all for doing well at school and for your eldest being so sweet and not minding that you might cry! Hope you have a fantastic summer holiday! :) x

  9. what a proud mom you must be. such a sweet bunch of sweetpeas. i have been reading a couple of Uk blogs and am curious...do kids go to school in july ? here kids finish school end of June and start their new term end of august.
    hope your summer is great dear Zoe. xxx

  10. Good for you for standing strong over the SATs revision classes. I'm a TA in Year 6 and the pressure put on children is huge - although my school doesn't run revision sessions.
    By the way, I failed my Cycling Proficiency too, was far too wobbly!
    Michelle x

  11. Beautiful family times - they really are so precious!

  12. I know just how you feel, I was never able to stop the tears when my left primary school. It just doesn't seem possible that they can grow up so quickly. I think it seems especially sad as primary school is just such a lovely environment and apart from the dreaded SATS a lovely pressure free place.


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