Thursday, 21 July 2011

Still addicted to Crochet!

Thanks for all your comments on my last blog post, I hope you all get to see the butterfly life cycle, it really is amazing.   If you only want to see one or two caterpillars turn into butterflies you can always potter around the garden and collect caterpillars, make sure you check what food you took them off and feed them until they are ready to turn into cocoons - they will hang in a J shape when they are getting ready for this.  Eldest Sweetpea has done this a few times but as this project is for a pre-school and has to run in term time so all the kiddies see the magic we buy the kits.

As you may know from reading this blog I recently wanted to learn crochet.  I bought this book to start me off:

and created quite a few things from it whilst learning the stitches ...

Above is me learning a chain, single crochet, double, half treble and treble crochet.  The circle is to learn increases in stitches and the wavy one is a pattern in the book that could be used for edging.

I then gave granny squares a go, loved making these.

And here are a few flowers and a pattern that started as a circle but ended up looking like an Ammonite (see the one of the right - eldest Sweetpea's fav as it looks like a fossil lol).  A lot of mistakes were made on the way, a lot of growling at the wool not wanting to do what I wanted it to do but slowly and surely I got there.

I then went to our local library to see if there were any good books there and wow was I amazed!  There are loads of fab crochet books there and if they aren't I can look them up on the Library stock list on-line and search for a book I want and order it - how fantastic is that!

I picked this book up from there, it is full or lovely flowers and ideas.

I then created these cute flowers from a pattern in the book ..... well actually you won't find this exact flower pattern as I made a mistake creating the flower (due to getting muddled with US/UK crochet terms)  but then preferred my bodged flower design so kept going with it :-)  You can see a bigger photo at the top of this post of the flower ...... hhmmm I might do a tutorial for it as it is my own bodged design :-)

I have made a few of them now, not sure what to make with them but I love them.

I also got this book, it has some lovely throws in it.

I especially like this one:

Not sure I am quite up to that standard yet but practice makes perfect I suppose, I just have to get my head round the more complicated patterns :-) 

I hope you are all well and life isn't too hectic for you all - thanks again for your comments, they really are appreciated.



  1. Love your little flowers, so pretty. I have the Happy Hooker book, the title does make my visitors smile! Lolo xx

  2. Those flowers are so sweet!! I want them hanging all over my house:)

  3. You've done much better than I on the learning to crochet front. I keep trying, and have now (sort of) worked out how to do a few basic stitches, but trying to follow a pattern is completely beyond me - it may as well be written in Ancient Greek!
    You could make your 'bodged' flowers into a hair made or put them all together and create a corsage/brooch type thingy. Or, you could make a few more, attach them onto some fancy ribbon and make a flowery garland.

  4. I meant to write Hair Band not hair made!!!!! apologies.

  5. Good to see you still loving the crochet. Haven't done any more recently, too busy spinning here.
    I plan to do more in the Autumn and over Winter though.
    I have that 201 crochet motifs book - bought from a library overstock sale! Only 10p, what a bargain - love the patterns in it - have done a few now, loved doing the sunwheel I think it was from there.

  6. You are going great guns with the crochet aren't you. If you can do all that some of the afghans in that last book would be within your scope now - I have it out from the library too! After all if you can make one motif you can make a hundred (YOU can I don't know if I would have the patience myself!) Looking forward to seeing what you produce in due course.

  7. Wow, I am sooo impressed with all the different crochet you've learnt already! Your flowers are really pretty - you could string them together for a flowery garland. I haven't yet made a flower but I want to! I'm still marvelling that I can finally crochet at all and love making grannie squares. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Helen x

  8. Your really having lots of fun, and already producing some gorgeous work and interesting effects, it looks like your hooked!
    Sue XXx

  9. Wow you are doing well!!! I have had to stop my crocheting for a while as have been moving house and just have had way too much to do :( but going on holiday next week so hopefully will be able to get going again! Love the flowers, they are very cute, happy hooking ;) xxx

  10. My aunt taught me to crochet when I was barely a teenager and I loved making granny squares. I can't remember them anymore, though, and can only do the very basics now. This makes me want to brush up on my skills.

  11. You're doing really well. I haven't tried any other projects other than a granny square. I'm still plodding on with a granny square blanket at the moment, it's going to take me ages.

  12. Wow well done! Would love so much to learn crochet too (especially granny squares so I could make a super blanket for winter). But it's pretty hard when you're a left hand. Next time I'll go see my mum in Canada she will show me how with her lefty hand too :-)

  13. Well done with the crochet, you have tackled more than me! I started with the apple jackets in Mollie Makes magazine and eventually got it sorted, but I think you are far more sensible having started with samples and learnt more stitches. Like you though I was amazed just how many books there are at the library and currently have a pile of them on the table. Trouble is it's the lovely blankets that are beckoning me and I suspect I shall be trying to run before I walk!

  14. Oh, it's lovely here!
    Am new follower.
    It's funny- I learnt to crochet just before Christmas using the same Debbie stoller book, AND my first attempt samples were using that same yellow!!!
    Tee hee.
    Will sort out linky-thing asap.

  15. Hi,
    I too am try8ing to learn to crochet nd your samples are lovely. I love the scollape edge. I have seen some of the above books, I might invest in one now that I have read your post.

  16. Oh,
    PS forgot to say an extra Hello, I also come from Cambridgeshire. Burwell which is about 15 odd miles away. I now live in Cornwall but family still live in Burwell.
    I do miss it actually as I have fond memories of very LONG HOT SUMMERS! unlike Cornwall at the moment.


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