Thursday, 28 April 2011

Chick up-date - they are growing so fast!

Hi everyone, I thought you may like an update on how the gorgeous little chicks are getting on, wow they grow so quickly.  They are now nearly 4 weeks old and we have 8 out of the original 9 that hatched (the poor little one that was having problems had to be put out of its misery :-().

They stayed in their brooder for the first 3 weeks to keep them warm at night and to check they were all happy and healthy. Here is a piccy of them all crashed out under their heat lamp, they used to all run around cheeping, eating and drinking and then all crash out 10 mins later.

We then started popping them outside for a little while in the day to scratch about in the grass.

I find it amazing that without a Mummy hen as a teacher they still know what to do e.g. scratching around, having mud baths etc - instinct is an amazing thing.

Inspired by Myrtle and Eunice (pop over there for a fab felt chick tutorial and a giggle) here is a piccy of the chicks doing a little dance:

Doing to do-si-do...

And a little Flamenco ...

Put your beak in, your beak out and shake it all about ...

And I am sure they were listening to Groove Armada here , I see you baby, shakin that ass lol.

This is them another week older as they look today - wow they look grown up but are still as cuddly :-)

The kids and their mates have been loving cuddling these cute little chicks and I think the chicks love it too :-)


  1. Awww!! Chicks!! They were my first pets when I was little. I still remember the name of my very first one and how I got that little chap. So cute!
    Shame that mum would make a stew as soon as they were of age and I during I was in school. :( Never ate any of them.

  2. I loved seeing the chicks, they are sooo sweet! Enjoy the weekend. Helen x

  3. They look so sweet, shame they can't stay fluffy and yellow forever :)
    Sue Xx

  4. very sweet! lovin' their dance moves:)

  5. Wow what a thrill with those chicks. Loving the freckles too When I was a kid I must have been the most freckly kid on the block

  6. We hatched khaki campbell ducks a few years ago- such fun. But they grow SO fast it's a real shocker. I love your chickies huge feet. And the way they snuggle up to the children! Hope you've had a great Easter. Enjoy the weekend,Ax

  7. I am green with envy, I have always wanted to keep some but alas it is not to be and I will just have to make do oohing and aahing over others piccies....cute...!!

  8. Wow they grow up fast don't they!! So much difference from one week to the next! Sorry about the little one, but at least most of them are still going strong, they are so very cute! Have a lovely weekend xx

  9. Aww.... little chicks are so great for children... and such fun to watch...

  10. Hehe.

    Groove Armada-ing chicks so tickle the fancy!

    No limbo?

  11. Oh how cute! lovely to watch them grow.

  12. Nothing quite as cute as chicks...shame they have to grow up!

  13. Hello! Just discovered your blog. Those chicks are very very cute x Leah :)

  14. The chicks are so cute! Amazing how quick they turn from little yellow fluffy bundles to a more hen-like plumage! :) x

  15. Wow, they've grown so quickly, so cute. What a shame about the little one though.

  16. Ahhhh, they are so cute, the dancing made me chuckle too, thanks for that : ) xxx


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