Friday, 15 April 2011

Little Quakers visit from America..

Here in the Sweetpea household we were recently contacted by the lovely Blueberries in the Fields as she had a duck called Quakers visiting her.  She went on to explain that Quakers really wanted to explore the world a little more before returning home to America so could he come and stay at ours for a while, well of course we said yes :-)

A couple of weeks later we heard a teeny tiny ratter tat tatter on the door, on opening it we saw a tired Mr Quakers and his very large suitcase :-)  We invited him in and helped him un-pack his little suitcase (which contained mainly scraps of bread and a spare little neck tie), offered him and cup of tea (very English of us lol) and then showed him around our home.  We knew that where he lived he had friend chickens so we introduced him to our newly hatched chicks, he felt far less home sick after that ...

After a good nights sleep little Sweetpea insisted on showing him around Ely, Mr Quakers was so excited!  Of course the first stop was outside the magnificent Ely Cathedral, Mr Quakers was in ore of the size of it.

He really wanted to fly up to the top but he was too little and only managed to get half way .....

Little Sweetpea suggested that maybe they should go through the door like everyone else ... even the doors to the Cathedral were gigantic (you can just see Mr Quakers to the right of the door little Sweetpea is standing at) !

Mr Quackers let out a big quack of shock at how pretty the inside was ...

He had a little rest on a statue half way round ... luckily the statue didn't seem to mind and was happy to hold him.

As they left the Cathedral Mr Quakers was very excited to see some fellow ducks hanging around a really old cannon, he just had to show off his balancing skills by sitting on top of it (he is the little yellow speck at the front of the cannon).   Little Sweetpea chatted to his new friends telling them all about his adventures.

We then walked back past all the lovely old buildings in Ely on the way back to a backery .... it was surely snack time after all that adventuring ....

Of course Mr Quackers had to check out all the old doors to see where they went before we got to the backery.

We all sat outside the Cathedral enjoying some cakes in the sunshine ... hhhmmm what's in your cake bag Mr Quakers ??

Yum those cakes were scrummy !  On the way home little Sweetpea explained that we were going to go to the garden centre to find a new tree for the allotment, Mr Quakers certainly loved the ride in the plant trolley.

Then it was time to go off to the allotment to plant the tree.  Mr Quakers thought it would be fun to play a little game of hide and seek so whilst little Sweetpea ran around looking for him he hood and waited for her to find him ...

We certainly have enjoyed having an American duck here to stay and I hope Mr Quakers enjoyed his time here too.  He has to return back to America now to be with his owner Ethan whose Mummy has this blog, he will tell him everything he saw in Canada and then England.  What a brave young duck to travel all that way on his own :-)  xxx

The gorgeous Monique also sent some goodies for the Sweetpeas with Mr Quakers, all these and some sweets (which seemed to disappear before I could photograph them) - you are such a sweetheart Monique. xxx

Little Sweetpea has been loving the lavender bag, in fact I now have to rub all the Sweetpeas pillows with it every night as they love it so much!

Pop over to Blueberries in the Fields Etsy shop to see the most gorgeous Muffinpie dolls, we have several living here who we love dearly.

More blogging about the chicks and how they have grown in the next few days :-)


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how much your kindness has meant to me and Ethan. Your beautiful post left me with tears in my eyes...the fact that you went out of your way to show Mr. Quackers around Ely was truly touching. That you did all this for someone you don't even know is just beautiful...thank you so much...we truly appreciate it! ~Andrea

  2. dear Zoe and all the sweetpeas. this is such a beautiful, funny, and touching story. i could not help but smile and chuckle. such sweet photos. I can see Mr.Quakers had a really wonderful time in England and how you all took good care of him. i am happy that the goodies were appreciated ( knew the sweets wouldn't last for long ^_^ ) thank you so much Zoe for all those kind words about me and my little shop. and many thanks for taking all this time to greet a little ducky. i see you really made a mum and little boy happy. sending hugs to all ♥

  3. Aww, a lovely story about Mr Quackers! Little sweetpea seemed to enjoy spending time showing him around Ely! What a great idea! The cathedral is very impressive too. :) x

  4. What a lovely story! Mr Quackers is certainly a well-travelled little duck. Ely looks beautiful.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful adventure. We always have to stop and look at the old canno when we visit Ely.


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