Friday, 6 May 2011

Creative fun .....

Hi everyone, I am sorry I haven't been here for a while, where on earth does the time go?  I am sure the earth is spinning faster making time go quicker - even eldest Sweetpea commented on how fast time was going recently and kiddies usually think time goes slowly so it must be going very fast!  I seem to find that I can either spend time reading blogs or writing one, not both.  All you bloggers write such lovely blogs I have been too busy reading them :-)

I thought I would update you on the creative side of our family tonight.  With Easter recently and our Sweetpeas getting lots of chocy I thought I would make the girls some little felt bunnies, I also made my ickle sis one too :-)  I popped some lavender in them to make them smell yummy.  This design was inspired by The Linen Cats gorgeous bunny purses - so lovely.

Chocolate nests are a must in our house at Easter so we HAD to make some - so scrummy!  I make ours with shreaded wheat to give a real nest look.

I have also used a sewing machine!  Wwwahhooo!  If you have only recently joined me you will wonder why I am so excited :-)  One of my New Years  targets (I don't do resolutions as I always break them) was to use a sewing machine, I haven't used one since College.

Well a lovely friend of mine lent me her sewing machine after reading my blog and then it sat there for a couple of weeks and another mate then came and threaded it up for me.  I had to break the fear factor of it so it sat there for another 2 - 3 weeks until I finally plucked up the courage and got a few moments of quiet in the house.

I made some little bags for the kiddies Easter egg hunt in the garden.  Nothing too big but great fun learning to make them.  I even had to learn to wind the bobbin up whilst doing it as that ran out of thread so that took about an hour lol.

Eldest Sweetpea wanted a more manly bag so he went for some owl fabric with a leather strap.  I was really proud of them and really enjoyed myself.

Little Sweetpea won a colouring competition at the local Library, she was really chuffed about it :-)

Middle Sweetpea did some hand sewing and made a lovely lavender pillow with a chick on the front, I must blog a piccy soon as she did really well and I was amazed how quiet she was when she was making it (she is not known for being quiet :-)).

And eldest Sweetpea made a tree house - I was gardening and then suddenly heard hammering and drilling and there he was up a tree creating a house.  He even has a pulee system to pull his dinner up there.

He also wanted to sleep there the night but we did say no to that just in case he fell out, we did let him stay out there for a while though.

He also made a fab go cart at the beginning of the holiday , I think engineering might be his thing :-)

I have also been creating more things for my little shop and am loving making things, in fact I get rather frustrated if I don't get to make a little something each day.


  1. Ooh, I like the pink hairband. Two questions: (a) Would it fit an adult, i.e., me? and, if it does, (b) how much is it?

  2. Ah, what a lovely, creative Easter all round! Well done with the sewing machine mission - I'm looking forward to seeing what else you make.
    Have a good weekend
    Emily x

  3. CCongrats on mastering the sewing machine, the childrens Easter bags look fantastic. Now you have started you won't be able to stop!! Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. I love those bunnies. Great bags. Fab colouring. Amazing tree house and go cart. You clever folk, you. Ax

  5. Yay, welcome to the sewing machine club! You soon won't be without it, would be lost without mine:) Bunnies and bags look great, looking forward to seeing what you whip up next! xx

  6. Well done on mastering the sewing machine. Love the bunnies and your head band and your sons creativity.

  7. Gosh you have all been so busy creating! I too find sewing machines a bit scary! The go cart is fab, what a clever lad you have!

    Those bunnies are just too cute xx

  8. Lovely to read you again and see what all the sweetpeas have been up to.... watch out for the sewing maching addiction.... mmmm

  9. Your lad looks like he's been keeping himself busy. How lovely to have a tree that lends itself to a tree house, I bet he'll have loads of fun in there.

  10. You have all been so busy!

  11. Tree House and go kart, eh? He should go far - clever boy! Love the bunnies! Have a good weekend! Abby x

  12. No wonder you haven't had time to write a blog post, you've all been so busy. I love the felt rabbits and the bags for the egg hunt, especially the owl one. What a clever lad you have, handy to have someone like that about the house to help with the DIY.

  13. Gosh you've all been so creative ... your bunnies are just gorgeous, your bags fab (love it that you had to do a 'more manly' one for your son - sounds exactly like something my son would say!) and stunning hairband. As for you son's creations, I'm blown away - how clever is he?!

    Between you and me, I'm a little wary of my sewing machine too - I actually prefer to use it manually!!! Hmm, think I ought to trade it in for an old Singer!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  14. Lovely photos x

    I really really really want a new sewing machine for my birthday. Never used one in my life mind you but I am itching to make some dresses for my little girl Miss Ells x

    Have a lovely sunny weekend. Leah x :)

  15. You've been really busy! The sewing machine sounds like a great purchase, love the bags for the egg hunt! The tree house is great, he's so clever! :) x

  16. Everything looks so great! It looks like you have just been having a lovely time. I love your rabbits and congratulations on the sewing, you will not be able to leave it alone now!
    Have a lovely week,
    Andrea x

  17. wowza i really admire your son- how creative is that- he'll be building houses by the time his 18 hehe ;0)x
    love and adore the lavender brown rabbits ;0)x
    you must be enjoying some free time on the sewing machine x love your daughter colouring in- well done for winning the comp' x


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