Thursday, 8 April 2010

A surprise visit to the Sweetpea Household ..

After the excitement of Marion's arrival to the Sweetpea household we weren't expecting more excitement to come knocking at our door.  The Sweetpeas were all sitting quietly in the house the other morning and we heard some strange noises coming from outside the house.  Little Sweetpea, Marion and Elf went to investigate (they are a brave little team) and found an empty box, it looked like a Rabbit hutch and had an un-eaten carrot inside .......

There was a sweet little note inside, little Sweetpea got Marion to read it as she couldn't read yet.  Marion read it out loud, it said  'Oh my, is this the Easter bunny who came to visit little Sweetpea? A little bunny for a sweet girl.  Lil' bunny thought he would come and be friends with Esme, Marion and Elf ... can he stay ?'

Little Sweetpea became excited and worried, the Easter bunny had come to visit but where was he now?  Marion, Elf and all the Sweetpeas looked around and found some empty chocolate wrappers, they looked like chocolate egg wrappers.

As they were looking they didn't see the little Easter Bunny hiding behind the daffodils.

The Easter Bunny decided he didn't want to be kept in a hutch but wanted to explore the Sweetpea household.  Now, Mr Bunny was a clever little thing, he was fluent in English, French and Bunny but was getting more and more worried when he couldn't understand a word these feathered creatures spoke.

And this furry creature spoke yet another language ....

Oh me, oh my thought Mr Bunny, why did I run away, what have I done, who are all these strange speaking creatures .....

He hide behind some more flowers with what looked like a fellow bunny having a snack, this little chap was however very quiet indeed.

In the meantime the Sweetpeas were still looking for the missing bunny.  They looked under all the flowers but found chocolate eggs instead of a bunny.

Little Sweetpea then found Mr Bunny.  He told her how worried he had been and little Sweetpea hugged him tight and told him everything would be alright.

She showed him the little eggs she had found, Mr Bunny said he had hidden them just for her and the older Sweetpeas.

He was introduced to Marion and Elf and little Sweetpea tucked them into bed after a long day and read them a bedtime story.

I would like to BIG thank you to the lovely Monique for sending little sweetpea the gorgeous Mr Bunny.  Monique makes the most gorgeous dolls and felted creatures, please do go and look at her lovely Etsy shop.   Mr Bunny has settled in really well.  My husband did have quite a scare the other day when middle sweetpea came running to him saying that Ted (who looks so sweet and innocent below) had stolen Mr Bunny!  

Middle sweetpea picked up the dropped Mr Bunny and told Mr Sweetpea how upset she was as his eyes had been eaten and his scarf can got stuck round his waist - he looked like he had his hands up to surrender :-(  Now Mr Sweetpea was really worried and was starting to panic he would have to move Ted out of the house as he knew how much little sweetpea and I loved Mr Bunny.

Thank goodness they were just holding Mr Bunny upside down and back to front!  Phew!  (No bunnies were hurt by the mischief Ted and Mr Bunny is now back safe and sound with Marion, Elf and little Sweetpea.)


  1. what a lovely idea, you are very creative!!

  2. hi zoe, i am soory, just got home and in such a rush, not even a minute to read your wonderful story, will come back and read on friday. i just noticed you bought Delphine, i was afraid someone else was faster than you. if you buy another doll the same size,shipping will be the same. just let me know if you are just getting Delphine or if you decide to buy another one. i will ship them together.
    thanks so much sweetie, and can't wait to read that bunny story !
    many hugs to you and sweetpea,
    monique xoxoxo

  3. what an adorable story! so creative and magical...your kids are lucky ducks!

  4. How lovely, it make your heart sing when little people are taken into a magic world like that. Take care Lesley.

  5. What a wonderful whimsical story. Thank you. :) Kim

  6. Hi there, thanks for popping by my blog - really nice to meet you!
    Lovely photos in this post, I've become a follower too if thats OK.

    Have a great Friday!
    BH x

  7. How exciting to have another visitor come to stay. I bet the Sweetpeas were excited.

  8. I just love these story ideas, can anyone else see published kiddy books from the Sweetpea household materializing in the future.

  9. Gorgeous! The last part gave me a real giggle!

  10. such a beautiful bunny fairy tale ;0)xxxx lucky sweet pea! x

  11. Awww, Zoe, you made me laugh again. Such a lovely and tender story. What an adventure bunny went through. I just love the picture of them all tucked into bed while sweetpea isreading a bedtime story. will have to show that pic in my blog. :)
    sending you many hugs,

  12. A lovely funny story especially the upside down bit at the end!!! x

  13. zoe, i emailed you in your etsy shop. :)

  14. That's just the loveliest story! I'm going to show my daughter tomorrow, she'll love it.

    Little sweetpea is such a cutie pie!


  15. Absolutely precious. And the little sweetpea's expression in photo #12 just melts my heart (love the raincoat too!).

    One last thing: those primroses are spectacular!

    Happy weekend!

  16. Am very glad to know the swallows arrived your way.

    What a wonderful imaginative Easter you provided for the little sweetpeas. You are giving them all an unforgettable creative childhood.

  17. Such a sweet story!

    They are very lucky tots

    Emma x

  18. Wonderful!! I love it that create this world of magic for your kids!
    And I know Monique's dolls love it too!
    Thank you for visiting my bunnies!

  19. AAAhhhh !!! How sweet!!!! xxxxx


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