Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Yey Marion has arrived!

After little sweetpea gave up her dummy and was then ill I thought she deserved a little treat.  After reading some blogs I stumbled across 'Blueberries in Fields' and couldn't resist taking a closer look.  There she was in all her cuteness, the perfect doll to comfort little sweetpea!

I contacted Monique who made the gorgeous Marion and asked if little sweetpea could give her a home.  Marion was then put on a plane for England and all the sweetpeas waited excitedly for Marion to arrive (I think my husband and I were more excited than the children!).  There is something very special about buying a hand-made item that you know someone has spent their own precious time making - it just adds to the excitement somehow.

Yesterday we heard a very faint knock at the door, 'Who can that be?' asked little sweetpea, she looked out of the window and there she was.

She arrived with her lovely pink suitcase with all her belongings in it.  She said she was very tired after her long journey as she had quite an ordeal in customs as they took a liking to her pink suitcase :-)  Little sweetpea had lots planned however so poor Marion was going to have to wait for a rest until much later in the day!

The first thing little sweetpea wanted to do with Marion was play Bubbles.

Marion was then asked if she would like to see how to do a jigsaw with little sweetpea's friend Elf (Elf and Marion seemed to get on very well :-)).

Then there was some excited jumping on the bed.

Poor Marion was looking quite worn out by this point so little sweetpea thought that she might like to freshen up with some 'dipstick' (lipstick) before they went out.

Little sweetpea thought it was time to show Marion the sights so took her to the local garden centre (one of her favourite places).  There she showed Marion all the lovely flowers and some gorgeous fluffy bunnies.

After such a busy day both Marion and little sweetpea were very tired indeed.

Thank you Monique for making my little sweetpeas day! xxx


  1. Lovely, especially arriving with a suitcase. Love the picture of her looking through the window of the door.

  2. my dear Zoe and Esme... i could not help laughing and tears rolled down my cheeks as i read your wonderful story and admired all those tender moments Esme is sharing with Marion. They seem to get along very well indeed. Such a lovely post i will keep in my heart forever. Your little sweetpea is simply adorable. One of my daughter ( i have 3 ) is pregnant and i hope she gets a little sweetpea like yours so i can love and cherish her everyday. Many thanks for such kindness. Would you mind if i post one of your swetpea picture and post about her in my blog ?
    sending you all sweetpeas in UK many hugs,

  3. Oh, that was really sweet - and I see you've been making more hairclips!

  4. Thanks Dawn, glad you like it. I love that piccy too, my hubby had to hold her up to look at Marion outside :-)

    Monique - so glad you liked Marion & Esme's story, I may do more in the future as I really enjoyed doing that one for you. She took her most places today too and really loves her! You are more than welcome to pop a photo on your blog, you can link to the story if you wish too so everyone can see how much love your dolls create :-) Thanks again so much. x

    Thanks DottyCookie glad you like it. Yeah I made her a daisy one - will post a blog on it soon on how I made it, had to have a couple of goes as the first only had one layer of petals which little sweetpea seemed to like so much she ate one of the petals :-o

  5. Awwww that is such a sweet story big sis - it nearly made me cry :) love you and all the sweet peas! XXXX

  6. It did so make me smile seeing all these pictures - my boys are so grown-up now but it brought back memories of my youngest sharing his day with Postman Pat and Jess which he took everywhere! xx

  7. An absalotely beautiful post, I smiled all the way to the end and I loved the picture taking, just magical.

  8. Aw, that's so lovely. I love the photos of the little doll waiting outside the house with suitcase!

  9. A lovely post. I'm sure Little Sweetpea will have lots of fun with Marion.

  10. oh my goodness, these photos are so adorable : )
    it is so sweet to see your little one loving her new doll! i love how she 'arrived' at the door with her suitcase!

  11. Awww, what a sweet story! Monique's muffinpie dolls are the cutest!

  12. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a totally adorable post. Love it. Soooo cute xx

  13. Such a lovely post!
    Hope they have many happy hours of play together!
    Lisa x

  14. I followed over from Monique... what a lovely story.
    I love the name Esme & glad she has a dear Muffinpie doll.
    I have a roving Rooster Ernest going travelling around Blogland - you can catch up with his most recent home for a week on the post before the one that's up now .

  15. woweee that doll and little sweet pea are just adorable- best of friends a girl and her doll x
    the detail in the dolls face and clothing is just so beautiful ;0)xxxx
    i love the story you captured with her- lovely! ;0)xxxxx

  16. Monique makes the sweetest dolls! These photos are ever so lovely! ( I must admit that I have one of her dolls too, and my little Julia loves it so)

  17. Hi everyone, I am so glad you all loved little Marions arrival story. She is still having great fun with little sweetpea and elf :-)

  18. Really beautiful! Monique was right when she wrote on her blog this story will make you both laugh and cry.
    I have one of Monique's Muffin Pies I feel like I've been neglecting her:( I love the photo of your little girl looking at the flowers in the garden!
    Off to bed with me!


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