Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sweetpea and Pebble Fun and a craving for all things birdie.

A few days ago I had a visit from the Pebbles.  Mummy Pebble came round to drop off my latest bit of treasure and we decided to coincide this with a cup of tea and some Raspberry and White chocolate muffins :-)  I thought I would share some of the photos from that lovely afternoon with you all so you can see the little static pebbles and sweetpeas.

'I am just loving this new hairstyle, aren't you little pebble?'

'If your name's not down you're not getting in!'

We tried to get a group photo but it was a bit like herding cats :-)  As you can see most of the afternoon was spent on the trampoline and even Mrs Pebble couldn't help herself :-)

One of the reasons for the Pebble visit was to drop off my lovely new necklace.  I also ordered 2 smaller versions for my little sweetpea girls for their birthdays.  As soon as I saw this cute little bird in Silverpebbles shop I knew I had to have one (or 3 :-) ).  Luckily I had some Christmas money left over so this is what I bought with some of it. 

At Christmas my hubby also bought me another lovely necklace from Silverpebble.  It is the finger print from each of the sweetpeas and the beading contains a pearl from my wedding tiara.  I must admit to ordering it myself and my dearest hubby paid for it :-)


Isn't it just lovely!  I seem to have been drawn to all things birdie at the moment, I wondering if it is because Spring is in the air?

My bird lantern from TK Maxx.

A gorgeous bird scene, this is a card from Phoenix Cards that I have framed.

An angel with bird in arms, bought this a few years back .... hhmmm maybe my bird craving started before now.

I even had to buy the girls new bird bed linen.

Hey ho, I can think of worse vices :-)


  1. oooh birdie love , so tempting xx

  2. I love the static hair! There is nothing wrong with liking birdies! I observed a black bird in my garden a few days ago. It sang so many songs that I thought there was actually more than one bird! x

  3. I love your birdie things!! Maybe it's the time of year, we were all listening to a blackbird in the garden as it was getting dusk today, it's such an uplifting sound I think!

    The necklace is truly beautiful, I would just love the fingerprints of my little ones on a piece of jewelery, what a lovely thing to have.

    I like the static trampoline hair too! I get a bit put off going on the trampoline these days as I seem to get electric shocks each time, but it never seems to bother the children.

  4. Hello,thank you for your SWEET comment on my post,i love mini eggs too thats why the jar has only a small amount in, ha (so nice), i love the girls bedding it looks so fresh and summery. hugs xx

  5. Those pictures of the children just made me smile so much - that static hair is brilliant!
    And lovely silver necklaces. I'm always liking bird things too and am enjoying seeing the real ones in the garden! xx

  6. There's lots of treasures to be found in this post, and I love them all. What an unusual necklace, and so sentimental too. It's a lovely idea to encorporate your children's fingerprints and a pearl from your wedding tiara into a necklance. My two still have great fun on the trampoline.

  7. Hi mummy sweetpea, your little sweetpeas are so lovely. I love your header photo, it always makes me crave sweets, ooh I need some chocolate NOW ! What a wonderful gift and a fab idea having the little ones finger prints on your necklace.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog today and the comments. The bag you like is made by Pam from Hortensia, if you go to the top of the post I did on the bag I have done a direct link to her via her blog name. Her work is lovely.

    bye for now M x

  8. oh "like herding cats" is my catchphrase when it comes to my children! i adore that little trampoline club bouncer.

  9. I love all the birdie things going on in your world. I think the sweet bird necklace from your friend is beautiful. How nice to have her bring it to you and have a lovely visit while the children play together. They are so darling! And look to be having a wonderful time on the trampoline.

  10. Such lovely photos - I love the children's static hair - so sweet!

    I have one of those Little Birds from Silverpebble too! I bought it when we met Emma at a craft fair in Holt before Christmas. It's lovely to wear and I'm always complimented on it! Your other necklace is gorgeous - what a lovely thing, full of cherished memories:0)

    Jeanne x

  11. thanks for all your lovely comments, I am still having problems trying to stop myself buying birdie things so will have to post some more photos later as a sort of therapy :-) Thanks for the lovely comments also about the jewellery and pebbles and sweetpeas hair static issues :-)

  12. Jumping is a fab way to add some volume to your hair, have to try it!!! Lovely kids you have. X


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