Thursday, 8 April 2010

Eater Holiday Ideas Part 3 - Create a small pond

We created this pond about a year ago and whilst cleaning it out today with the kiddies I thought it would be a good idea to share with you.  It is a fab little pond  and works really well in small spaces and seems to keep lovely and clear.

All you need for this pond is:
A big glazed garden pot
A slab
A bit of cement or waterproof filler
A pond plant
A water pump
Some pebbles

First pop some cement on the slab and put your pot on it so it is secure.  Then fill in any holes in the pots base with the left over cement or a waterproof filler.

Next pop some pebbles in the bottom of the pond.  I also put some slate in to balance the plants and pump on.

Put in an aquatic plant, this helps keep the water clear and creates a great hide for any fish you may want to put in.

Fill up your pond with new water.  Little sweetpea loved this bit :-)

Put in a pump if you have one and there you have it, a lovely little pond!  I am going to place pebbles around the base of ours but I was pondering on blue mosaic stones - let your imagination run wild.

If you do add fish make sure you put them in the pond whilst still in the bag you transport them in.  After about 20 - 30 minutes when the water has changed to the temperature of the pond you can add them to their new home.  This is so they don't go into shock with the temperature change.

I have also seen this style of pond recessed into ground which is a nice idea as then frogs can hop in and out.  As we have little sweetpea we decided against this idea otherwise she would swim in it.


  1. We made something similar last year only we were cheapskates and used an old washing up bowl sunk into the ground ;-) Ours needs rejuvenating now too.

  2. They are fab aren't they - doesn't matter what they are made of the sound of running water or just water in general is relaxing and also keeps the kiddies occupied :-)

  3. Just a thimbleful...

    I love those blue glazed pots - such a mediterranean touch! Like the sweetpea too !

  4. This is lovely. We don't have any water in the garden but often see frogs in our weedy border so I think they may well appreciate a little pond.


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