Saturday, 19 April 2014

Little Skirts and Easter Bonnets

Well I have been really enjoying the Easter holidays and will be really sad when they come to an end :-(  We have been out most afternoons which has really helped keep harmony in our house.

We have also been creating lots of things both in an arty way and in the garden, the weather really has treated us well.

Above is a photo of little Sweetpea's build a bear, I had a spare piece of fabric from creating her a skirt so we thought it would be nice if her bear had a matching skirt :-)

We have also had great fun creating an Easter bonnet.  We got this bonnet, eggs and chicks from Hobbycraft.  

We weren't too happy about the cramped living conditions of the poor chicks so wanted to release them asap!

We added some crochet flowers into the mix and got creating .....

After lots of gluing and sticking ....

And more gluing and sticking......

A rather cute, if not slightly random Easter Bonnet was created :-)

The chicks seem a lot happier in their new home :-)

One did escape and end up and a chocolate nest though !


  1. Hi Zoe...Hope you and your family have had a wonderful Easter....Such a pretty post and how cute are those tiny chicks!
    Little Sweetpea's bear looks so pretty in her new skirt and I love your Easter bonnet!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Susan x

  2. Such a pretty Easter bonnet! Love the crochet flowers, chicks and eggs you attached. Love the little bear's skirt too:)
    Helen xox


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