Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter Hols Fun

It is the Easter holidays here and the children and I have been enjoying some creative fun.  I so look forward to having them all home with me.  Don't get me wrong, I am not super Mum ...... you can find me having melt downs when they all just seem take turns to annoy each other but it is still lovely having a break from the school runs and enjoying their company.
 I find keeping them busy seems to help so most mornings we chill out and then I make sure we have something to do in the afternoons.

Last week was spent meeting family and friends, going to national trust properties and going to Cambridge to watch the punting.

I also managed to squeeze a bit of creative time in ....... I really do need to be creative otherwise I feel like something is missing, I don't feel right ...... hhmmm maybe I am addicted to creativity?

We created our Easter/Spring tree and decorated it with some gorgeous ceramic creations that were made by Angels Unaware , I adore these ceramic eggs and bunting!  We also added our own decorations to the tree too like this needle felted egg, some crochet heart bunting and some felt rabbits.  The children's Fimo rabbits were also popped under the tree.

To keep the children busy one afternoon we decided to create some chocolate eggs of our own.

Hobbycraft kindly sent us some silicon egg moulds and candy melts.  These egg moulds are fab as you can pop them in the microwave, cooker and fridge and it still comes out looking like new .... not like the time I tried to melt some crayons in a silicon mould which was obviously not meant for the oven, queue evacuating children from a toxic filled house, a 'nailed it' project indeed  :-/  Sorry, I digress ........ :-)

We went for the method of melting the chocolate in cups and filling the mould, partly due to the above incident and also as it takes longer and fills more time ..... less time for the children to get bored if they are busy creating.  Sshhhhh don't tell them of my cunning plans, it is our secret.
Apart from the children we also had some other little helpers ........ love the way they all get lined up round the house in random places.  These are rubbers/erasers , how cute are they!

Let the filling commence !  They happily filled the eggs for some time, and we added some stars and edible glitter to some of the eggs to make them a little sparkly :-)

All filled and ready for the fridge.  We couldn't wait to see how they turned out.

We rather love the way the came out .  I think possibly the star ones could have done with a tap before we put them in the fridge to get rid of the air bubbles but apart from that they came out really well.  The chocy doesn't taste bad either, more like American Hershey style chocy than Cadbury. 

Can't wait to do some more creating with the children, I hope you are all having a lovely Easter break.


  1. Oh I love your gorgeous Easter decorations, especially the ceramic bunting!
    Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.
    Caroline xxx

  2. Gosh you've been a busy bee! Thank you so much for you kind words over st mine...they do help me to keep chipper! Love Amanda xxx


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