Friday, 15 March 2013

Wow I love this creative community!

A few weeks back you may remember I told you I was in the process of organising an auction to raise money for the Little Princess Trust.  Well the event became bigger than I had ever expected, in the end 47 artists joined the fun !  I must say I was blown away by the response and by how many people wanted to help.

So last Saturday after lots of organisation and promoting I sat here, in front of my little laptop screen, biting my nails and sipping wine wondering if anyone would come along to my page to bid.  I was worried no one would, that the lovely artists who were so lovely to offer up their gorgeous creations would feel let down if their items didn't make any money for the cause, that I had blown the event up too much in my head and heart .......

Well I am very very happy and rather proud to say the event was amazing and did SO much better than I had anticipated!  I had hoped we would get around £350 in donations to buy one child a wig but do you know how much we made??   We raised, and I mean WE, raised £1092, I kid you not one thousand and ninety two pounds!

My little bunny for the auction raised £100 alone!  She is now on her journey to her new loving home :-)  Her name is Joy as that is what her new owner has bought to a very happy little one.  That fantastic total means that we have raised enough for 3 wigs to make 3 children a lot happier!  Now all I have to do is have my hair chopped off to donate to the cause too ..... eeekk!

It makes me so happy to be part of such a lovely, creative community that can use their talent to bring a positive change to someones life :-)    It was a lot of hard work but so so worth it.

On a completely different note, little Sweetpea is now sleeping through nearly every night - you will not believe how wonderful that feels!  It has meant I beginning to feel like the old Zoe, the real me :-)  After 4 + years of broken sleep it feels wonderful going to bed knowing I will probably not wake until the morning.  This in turn has meant  I have been able to go out with friends down the pub a few times ....... happy times have been had when I have been out out :-)

After jesting with friends about being out out a few weeks back (aka Micky Flanagan stylee) I took a pint of milk and a cut loaf to my last session of being out out.  I was going to wear my carpet slippers but it was raining :-(  Happy Days :-)


  1. Hugest well done with the auction, kudos to you and all involved :D

  2. Well done on the auction - that's an impressive amount. Your bunny is lovely! Have a good weekend. Abby x

  3. Waaahoooo. Sleeeeeep. Lovely sleep. So glad for you. And well done for raising all that cash, particularly with that gorgeous bun, Joy. Happy days, Ax

  4. Congratulations on your auction - sleep well tonight :)

  5. Well done Zoe! And hooray for feeling normal again!

  6. what a fantastic result...well done you and everyone who took part!! and well done Sweet Pea....proper sleep is so wonderful when you haven't had it! x

  7. Well done Zoe!! It must have been a big thing to organise an auction like that, but it was great and lovely to be a part of.

    Ooh, the full night's sleep sounds lovely and I reckon after four years, you deserve it!! Billy has started waking up a few more times each night (think he's teething) and it definitely makes a difference to how I feel in the morning - crabby!! Enjoy those evenings out too!! xxxx

  8. Well done, you are officially a superstar.

  9. Well done - what a wonderful amount of money you've raised for a really brilliant cause.

  10. Brilliant news, so glad the auction did so well, that's fantastic news. Also, how nice is it to sleep though! Mine (now 5 & 7) still wake up quite a lot, but in the last year it has been less and less and when I do my home alone stints (my husband works away a lot) I can panic a bit less about being sleep deprived. Bethx (thelinencat)

  11. Congratulations on your wonderful fundraising Zoe...that really is an amazing total and will be very much appreciated!! (I'm not surprised your little bunny raised so much money too...she's beautiful!)
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  12. Just catching up....well done on your wonderful fund raising, that is fantastic news! You DID make a lovely bunny!
    I'm so glad to hear that at last you are getting a proper night's sleep...that is also great news!
    Helen x


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