Monday, 25 February 2013

2012 Conclusion - Finally :-)


Well here are my last few photo collages to conclude 2012.  I loved looking back over the years photos (and there were 100s of them!), 2012 was a lovely if not slightly emotional year.  

As you can see from Septembers photos Little Sweetpea went to big school, she is loving it although she does ask if she can stay at home some days.  I am still missing her but have slowly adapted to her being away from me.

We had fun down the allotment last year and also Mr Sweetpea harvested his first honey from his bees.


October saw little Sweetpea turning 5, she was ill for quite a lot of that month poor thing but still managed to eat cake :-)  We also had a big family get together to celebrate Nan & Grandad's 60th Wedding Anniversary which was great fun.  ooh we also had our chimney swept - I couldn't help but sing a Mary Poppins tune when I saw the sweep come out of the top of the chimney :-)

December 2012

In December I got some of my photos turned into cards which have sold really well.  I started a huge crochet blanket which I am still hooking away at.  Gingerbread houses were made with my sister and the children and hot chocolate was drunk.  Little Sweetpea took part in her first nativity, again she was ill just before that but managed to get back to school just in time.  Of course there were more family get togethers, Christmas day was spent round my parents with lots of family and friends and a great day was had by all :-)

December 2012
So in conclusion 2012 was a lovely year.


  1. Lovely photo collage and it looks like your family had a lot of fun in 2012.

  2. Looks like an incredibly busy, but fun, year!

  3. 2012 has been lovely for you, busy & creative!
    Welcome to your camper, hope 2013 is the first full year of many happy years for you all in it!


  4. Lovely photos, it must be nice to look back at them all together like that (I always think I'll have a go at a photo collage but never do).

    Thanks for all your kind words of support over Mum, we're doing surprisingly well, considering. One day at a time and all that. But I really appreciate all the love and support from 'blogworld', it's very comforting. Bethx

  5. I so need to do this! I'm going to add it to the VERY long list!
    fee x
    Lovely photos x

  6. Love these wonderful collages, Zoe! You have captured such a lovely variety of happy family times, as well as colourful and crafty makes...gorgeous!
    Helen x

  7. What a lovely way to 'scrapbook' the past year. Gorgeous photography!

  8. Fab collages - what a lovely way to remember the year. x


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