Thursday, 4 October 2012

The time has come ...

Well the time has come, I can't stop the clock, I can't turn back time, I must accept that life moves forward (sometimes at breakneck speed!).  When little Sweetpea was born nearly 5 years ago I felt like I had all the time in the world with her.

I was lucky to be able to stay at home with her all week and find a job when Daddy was at home to look after the Sweetpeas.  I was very lucky that she was a very easy going little toddler (we will forget the colicy days and later temper tantrums :-)), this was a blessing but then again not so as it has made it that much harder to let her go.  Sometimes I feel I know her more than I know myself.

We have both had to say goodbye to the groups we attended together  (we won't mention me gatecrashing them with no child in tow :-)).

She started Ception (Reception) class in school a few weeks back, firstly half days for two weeks - that wasn't too bad.  She then went to full time last week .... oh how I miss her! 

I miss our weekly food shop together, I miss her getting excited about going to Music Hayhem (really called Music Mayhem) and Little Lambs, I miss her knitting (or really sewing) with me, I even miss her photo bombing my photographic shots.  Don't get me wrong, I did feel the need for 'me' time but I don't need this much 'me' time .....

She is loving going to school and I know I am lucky to have had her at home for nearly 5 years.  I know I will adapt to this change but it will take time ...... 


  1. It all goes so quickly. I long for the holidays the moment my eldest is back in school :)

  2. Aw, I feel for you! Not much can be said to make it better, apart from that it looks like you've done a fab job of preparing her for being a confident little lady, all ready for school. Hope it doesn't take too long for you to find your balance again. xx

  3. Aw, that's a touching blog post. She is a very much loved little girl and I bet all the love and encouragement you have given her has help make her confident and happy. You must feel very proud and very sad in equal measures. Children grow up too soon don't they. Not long till half term though and you'll have her back again.

    By the way, I keep seeing your gorgeous soft elephants on Facebook, but I don't know how to buy one!! Do you still have your blog shop or have you another place I could find them?


  4. hello there xx i've missed your postings ;0)...bless your dear litte sweet pea on her big school adventure- i cannot believe she's old enough- i was looking at the foundation year at sweet peas school and the littly's look sooooo young...a few mums were sobbing at the school gates- i remember that feeling. you get so used to there being a sweet little chatty shadow and then suddenly all seems so very quiet...big happy hugs to you xx

  5. I know only too well how heartbreaking it is to send your youngest off to school :( I still don't think I've recovered and it's been 3 years for me now....such a period of adjustment. I'm thinking of you xxx

  6. I remember being in exactly the same boat with Twiglet, it's like having a limb removed :(

    The good news is she'll be having a wonderful time, you will have lots of things to catch up on when she gets home and you can sneak extra cuddles to recharge your batteries - that's how it works at Twiggy Towers :)

    Your photos are lovely
    Twiggy x

  7. That is so lovely - we have just a few weeks to go before the smallest one turns five. Already she is planning...apparently!

    It does go so fast.

    Nina x

  8. Why does time go so fast? It only seems like yesterday that Daniel was starting Reception, he'll be off to university next year. Glad to hear that Little Sweetpea is enjoying school.

  9. Gosh, what a little poppet x
    It is so very hard to let go, but gosh that smile says she is happy
    love jooles x

  10. It does go fast, and you have had such a very happy 5 years at home with your littlest sweetpea :) She is a dear little girl, and obviously a very happy one.
    Hope you get used to the new routine soon, Zoe.
    Helen x

  11. There's no surer sign of the march of time than when your little one starts school. It does leave you feeling all at sea for a bit and in some ways I think it's us mums who have the toughest time adjusting to the new routines! I hope she has a wonderful time and that you fill your day with chores and keeping busy so that day goes quickly and so that you have lots of lovely time with her once she gets home again x

  12. What a lovely post... My little boy started school recently and its as much a learning curve for me as for him! The baby at home keeps me on my toes tho... x

  13. That was a lovely post, be proud of your little sweet pea and you have all those memories to keep forever. My 2 babies are now 23 and 26, the time passes SO quickly. There is only one certain thing in life and that is change. Embrace it with both arms, you will never lose those precious memories and you will have more lovely new ones to add ;0)
    Jane x

  14. Oh, hugs to you! I remember exactly how that felt - my taller girl starting school felt very strange, but when the smaller one did, it left such a huge hole in my days. I realise that hole will widen as they head off to secondary school, but they are growing into lovely young women, and intake comfort in that.

  15. Ahh, Zoe! I totally share your beautifully written sentiments. My third and last is two and a half but will be off to kindergarten next september.

    Have you read Pomona's post on Little Cottage Comforts about the empty next syndrome? It made me vow not to complain about the bickering and trailing dirty clothes ever again! (Well, almost never again!)

  16. She's so adorable! Time goes really fast indeed, but you still have many great things to live with her at last...You must be very proud to see this little Sweetpea growing up :-)

  17. What a lovely post, and it sounds as if you're feeling exactly the same way as I am.
    I miss Violet terribly whilst she's at school and spend the day wondering whether the other children are being nice to her.
    She's become quite emotional recently, and I'm not sure whether this is due to tiredness, growing up, or some other underlying problem. I'm finding motherhood quite hard at the moment.
    Jill xx

  18. Bless her, she always looks such a happy soul. It is hard to adjust when they go off to school but I'm guessing you'll quickly adapt and find good ways to fill your days. And the school holidays do seem to roll around mighty quickly!

  19. Hello Zoe...Oh, it's very hard when these changes happen, isn't it?...You have had 5 very special years with your little Sweetpea and you will adapt but it does take time....Hopefully, making your lovely creations will help you along the way...
    Hope you are having a happy Sunday,
    Susan x

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