Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Halloween Fun

Just a quick blog post to share this little tutorial I did for my facebook page - I hope you enjoy it :-)

Make sure you keep an eye on these if using tea lights to make sure they do not melt the milk bottle or you could use battery operated little lights in them for peace of mind.  It is best they are put outside to keep the bottle cool.


  1. Ooohhh - I do like this idea. I'm off to rescue the old milk cartons from the recycling bin.

    Nina x

  2. Oh bloody hell I LOVE these. Like Tabiboo, off to the blue bin...

  3. Gaaargh. Blue bins went yesterday with all my empties....

  4. Love them! Am I being daft (yes, probably)? I would like to follow you again but can't see your follow button? Thanks

  5. What a clever idea-i love it!
    Thank you for sharing

  6. Brilliant ... I've bookmarked this for next year :D


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