Thursday, 12 February 2015

Creative Therapy

I have a lot to thank for finding my creativity again a few years ago.  I am not sure what it is about creating things, whether it is the rhythm whilst creating a crochet blanket, the satisfaction of having something to show for your time or the beautiful distraction that wonderful coloured wool is but crochet, sewing, knitting etc is certainly a wonderful thing indeed.

This last few months has seen me being pulled towards my creative side even more than ever.  Crochet has been my main go to craft but sewing and cross-stitch have had their moments too.

On 1 December whilst waiting in for a delivery that was late a big glass jar full of sewing threads fell onto my big toe.  I nearly leapt through the roof due to the pain that followed but was pottering (well hobbling around a week later).  Fast forward a doctors appointment that I had to wait a week for and an xray that was a further 2 days wait and I am sat in a minor injuries unit feeling rather shell shocked after being told that I had, in fact, managed to break my big toe all the way through and crush it a bit too for good measure.

The following days saw me using crutches as if I had had a few swigs of vodka before I set off (the joys of having ligaments that don't work properly).  I must confess I had to laugh at what I must have looked like on the school run that first day ...... I was literally bouncing off peoples garden fences trying to get to grips with how to use these things.

I got rather good on them in the end thank goodness and did contemplate doing some break dancing moves whilst using them ...... I didn't feel it wise to follow this idea through in the end.

Christmas and New Year passed by in a bit of a blur of guilt, pain and a lot of feeling fed up.  The poor kids were stuck in with me as I couldn't drive (hence the feeling of guilt).  We snuggled up in front of the fire most days watching films whilst I crocheted the time away.

On a brighter note the time at home did mean I found some hidden treasure, just look at this lovely wool stash I found hidden away !

This of course had to be turned into a scarf from me and I also created some sparkly, jingle jangly (they have some cute little bells on them) wrist warmers for my little one.

The days turned into weeks and another xray showed that my toe had done nothing, zilch, nada mending ...... maybe a teensy bit of mending but nothing that really showed up on the xray.

I was then told to come off the crutches and walk on my foot. This meant me having to try and erase the image I had seen on the xray, putting my trust in the consultant and as he told me.  I have another xray lined up in a few weeks time ...... I am hoping above all hopes that this will show that my toe has been behaving and doing some mending.  I am missing pottering around, I am missing work and my work mates, I am also concerned with my sanity, I have crocheted scarfs, wrist warmers, beards, red noses ........... what on earth will be created next if it isn't mending !?!

Now I am wondering, do they give yarn out on prescription???


  1. Lovely pics. You know during the Summer hols last year, I really hurt my dodgy back. Like you I felt very guilty as I couldn't drive Twiglet anywhere. He played in his paddling pool, we walked every day, watched films, played Wii games. He told me at the end o f the hols, he had had the best time ever. Bless that boy
    Twiggy x

  2. Sorry to hear about your toe, I do hope it starts to mend soon. They should definitely give out yarn on prescription x


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