Saturday, 27 April 2013

How to Watermark an Image

Hello everyone, I thought I would do a little tutorial on how to Watermark your images using Picmonkey .  So what is a Watermark??  A Watermark is when you add either your page name or your own name over an image and then fade it so the image can still be seen through the text (see the words Scented Sweetpeas on the above image to see an example).

I know a lot of facebook page owners and blog authors have had issues with people taking their images and using them as their own.  This is really upsetting if you have taken the time to take a photo and edit it only to find someone just takes it as their own :-(

Here an easy step you can follow to help protect your images:

Firstly go to - this webside is great for editing photos in lots of ways.

Click edit a photo – this will open your computer files.

Pick a photo and double click it to upload.

Edit the photo as you wish - there are loads of wonderful photo editing techniques on this site so have fun !

Click the P on the right hand side tool bar

Highlight which font you like and click ‘Add Text’

Type your page name or your name in the text box that appears on the screen which says 'Type your text here'.

Now move the fade button along (this is just below the text colour choice) to fade the word until you are happy with it.  You can also move your text by just clicking on it so it is shown in a box and then drag it to where you want it.

Now click save and save the photo back to your computer.  Remember this will replace your original photo so if you want to keep the original add something like a .1 after the photo name so it is saved as a new file.

I hope you find this useful, feel free to pin this or share it.  x


  1. Thanks so much for this my friend. I haven't tried Picmonkey for watermarking. Right now I use Picasa but I would love to try some new fonts :)
    sending hugs...

  2. That's great, really useful - I've been idly wondering how to do that but hadn't got round to investigating it!

  3. Wow! Fantastic, thanks so much for sharing :)


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