Thursday, 12 April 2012

We have been busy bees here in the Sweetpea household.  What with bugs (mainly me suffering from those) , birthdays, chics and tendonitis it has meant hardly any time to blog or comment on blogs :-(

I am still suffering from tendonitis but after a 2 hour wait in physio I am finally getting some real help.  I was fed up with being popped on one painkiller after another - I want this fixed not glossed over !  After the lovely Harmony and Rosie sharing the advice she was given with me I went back to the doctors armed with my advice ammo :-)  After a lot of persuading (and even being told 'why do you need physio when you have a copy of your friends excersises'  pah!) I was referred to physio and now have wrist splints and advice on how to go forward.  I really want this fixed as it has been moving up my arms to my shoulders and it is stopping me hand sewing and being on here :-(   Those wrist splints look sexy don't they lol .

Whilst I have been away middle Sweetpea (top piccy) turned 10!  Goodness me, it only seems like yesterday she was a little baba :-(  She wanted a little piggy cake at first but then watched Hairy Bikers and decided she fancied Black Forest Gateau.  I followed their recipe but ended up having to make four layers rather than two which could be cut in half as they didn't rise very well.  Needless to say my hips are now a bit bigger :-) 

She decided to have a sleepover for her party and somehow caught me out by getting me to agree!  They had an easter egg hunt, watched films whilst eating popcorn in bed and had a take out Pizza (a first in the Sweetpea household - goodness they are expensive).  They weren't too bad but did all look like Zombies (as did I) the next day :-)

As the day progressed one of the eggs Mr Sweetpea had popped in the incubator (this man is addicted to having animals in our household!) started to hatch :-)

Tiny the Dutch Bantam  hatched the next day, it took him/her quite some time to get out.  Here he/she is at the front with Bubbles (can you tell the kids named them) his/her sibling.   After popping photos of the hatching in progress on facebook they have quite a lot of fans now and have had visitors popping in to see them :-)

This is how tiny they are, they are standing in front of our Easter tree....

Poor little Bubbles doesn't look too well at the moment, we are not sure how long he/she is going to live for :-(  We are giving them lots of cuddles (especially poor Bubbles) which they love.

There have been some other new additions in our village too, just take a look at these cute lambs.  They are soooo sweet, it always makes want a pet lamb again .....

My Dad used to take on quite a few waifs and strays and Daisy was an orphaned lamb.  Oh how we loved her!  Loving my crazy hair in this photo and my sisters huge cheeky grin :-)  She had to go back to the farm when she was big enough and we used to visit her there.

What else have we been up to, sorry if you are falling asleep at this point :-)

Well we went to a Charity shop and got the most wonderful bargains.  For some time now I have been wanting to make little Sweetpea and middle Sweetpea a cooker out of a bedside cabinet.  I asked on freecycle if anyone had an old cabinet they didn't want and someone kindly told me that she had seen one at our local Open Door charity shop.  We drove there last week and low and behold there was a mini wooden cooker, it cost me a whole £2!  It needed some tlc but that made it even better.

Little sweetpea washed it all ready for me to sand and paint it, I have nearly finished it now so will share the after photos soon :-)

Eldest Sweetpea was very happy too as he found a chemistry set in there, which had never been opened, for £2!   He busied himself later that day creating chemical reactions - hhmm not sure that is a good thing in the dining room but it kept him happy.  I am so glad he found this actually as I am not too impressed with his science lessons at Secondary School, this is just what he needed to spark his imagination and interest in it again :-)

We have also been down our new allotment a lot too.  Late last year I planted a spiral of daffodil bulbs which started to pop up.  I am going to extend it every year as the children already enjoy  going round the spiral :-)

We are also lucky enough to be next to a friends allotment and she created this wonderful willow wigwam a couple of years back.

What with these two items and our little trampoline the kids are kept busy so we can concentrate on planting and weeding :-)

Look she can levitate :-)

I had better be off now as you have probably all dozed off :-)  Take care and sorry again for not being able to comment as much as I used to on your blogs - I will soon be better and hopefully then normal service can resume :-) xxx


  1. Awwwww, how cute those chicks!!! xx

  2. well even with tendonitis you have been so busy, such cute chicks we have only had one born so far this year on st patricks day so we called him Paddy but is really touch and go in the first few days, nightmare!
    I hope you are feeling better soon,
    Your children are just gorgeous


  3. Lovely to see the chicks today and to see what you've all been up to as sorry about your poor arms, though Zoe! Tendonitis does sound very painful, and I'm so glad you've got some proper help at last. I hope you'll soon be better.
    Take care!
    Helen x

  4. Poor arms, hope you are quickly on the mend. I had some physio last year for back pain and it made a terrific improvement. Your little chicks are so sweet, lovely for your children. Betty x

  5. Hi Zoe,
    Lovely to see a post from you, great to see all your goings on! So sorry about you still suffering with your arms though, much better to rest and keep them well though, hope they get much better soon.
    It is a lovely time of year for the children, lambs and chicks are popping up in their droves at my Dads farm too, every year it still brings as much enjoyment as the last!
    You look after yourself ,
    Andrea x

  6. Hope your arms are on the road to recovery - lovely photos of the chicks, we hatched some out too! Such fun!

  7. Hope your arms are back to normal soon, it must be so frustrating not to be able to do everything you normally do and that you had to fight to get seen by the physio! I love the chicks and seeing their progress on FB.
    Great photo of you when you were little - your hair looks fantastic! :) x

  8. what a gorgeous post! those cicks are too cute and that cake - wowser!
    BH x

  9. What a lovely newsie post. Sorry to hear that your tendonitis has been bad, but glad to hear that you're getting some help at last. Happy belated birthday to Middle Sweetpea, the cake looks delish. The chicks are so cute.

  10. What a wonderful post! I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell and hope that you get better soon. The little chicks are adorable . I hope the poorly one pulls through. I love your outfit by the way, especially the green cardigan! Thank you so much for your virtual hugs. They are working! x

  11. I did it! Now I'm a firm follower! The chicks are adorable and little sweetpea's hair is beautiful. I love the photo of you and your sister. It looks like you grew up around the same time as me. xx

  12. What a gorgeous Spring blog post - fab pics - i especially love the first one, with the little chick - just lovely!

    Hope your wrist is feeling better, I have a similarly sexy splint; my wrist isn't too bad, just that my hand kept going numb which is apparently a sign that I need to be careful! So I do try to wear it if I'm doing lots of filing!

  13. I just love the idea of a spiral of daffodils. Really love the photo of the chicks below your easter tree, most of us had fabric/pottery ones ... how cool to have the real thing!

    Fleur xx


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