Friday, 10 February 2012

Sew crazy :-)

Thanks very much for all your get well wishes on my last blog post.  My arm is getting a bit better sometimes and then worse others but I am sure with time it will heal.  I suppose it doesn't help that I can't just sit down and do nothing - if I am watching tv I have to be creating at the same time.

One of my creations this week includes this little lovely which was designed by Lili Popo.  Quite a few of us are taking part in her princess embroidery group.  We all get sent the same design and then add it to flikr to see how we all interpret it.  This is my little princess:

I really enjoyed creating her and the creative paths it took me down in my head :-)  She just had to have some daisies somewhere and some Mary-Jane shoes.

I also created this brooch for me last week.  It took a while cutting out all the felt shapes which then sat there for a while whilst waiting to have time to create it ....

I added beads in the middle to add some sparkle to it :-)

I also had a go at free-style embroidery on the machine recently - oohh what fun it is, I did manage to break one needle though.

I was rather pleased with the result of my first attempt until I looked on the reverse ......

I then thought I might be because I had the hoop the wrong way up for this technique but it didn't make a difference when I tried again.  I tried to tighten the tension but think I may have to play a bit more to get it right.

With my love of sewing at the moment I invested in a thread sorter - it is so much easier finding the exact thread I need for a job now and all the colours look delicious in their little box.

Whilst on a sewing frenzy I also created some new hairclips - I have wanted to create some butterflies for some time but wanted to make them look like they had just landed on the clip.  This is what I came up with.  I was really pleased when I listed them on my facebook page and they went within a few minutes of me putting them on there :-)


As my page is getting more busy I ordered myself some Moo Cards - I have seen other peoples cards and just had to have some myself :-)  I ordered quite a few designs - I love the way you can upload so many images to the site to get them printed off.

The only draw back of facebook and blogging is that you find so many tempting things out there.  I am trying very hard to be good as I really want to get rid of my mortgage before I am 40 having had one since I was just 19 but some things just keep on calling me !  Luckily with Christmas I got some money so I bought myself a lovely new Amber necklace from Giraffe Jewellery.  Actually this was Bears Footprints fault as she had one of these and I fell in love with it, luckily she gave me permission to get one too :-)  It came packaged in some lovely giraffe print paper and a cute little box.

I also bought this lovely keyring for my eldest Sweetpea.  He is getting into beekeeping so I asked Pippa to put a little bee on it.  This is his first house key, now he is at secondary school he can let himself in when he gets off the bus - oh how he is growing up :-(  It has been quite hard seeing him go off on the bus in this snowy weather we have been having here.  I have always been the one to look after him and keep him safe and now I have to trust a stranger to drive him to school on a big bus safely - all part of slowly letting him go I suppose.

Talking about snow, we have had lots of the lovely white stuff.

The chickens weren't sure about it at all !  It took them days to come out of their shed.

The children loved it and I am so glad it fell on a Sunday here so they could play in it all day long.  They made a snowman with the traditional carrot nose .........

But then Charlie took a liking to it when my back was turned for 20 seconds :-)


We were snowed in so I couldn't get to work either which was lovely (although I love going to work so missed my usual Sunday fun at the same time). 

Better be good and go now I suppose as my arm is aching - little Sweetpea has fallen asleep in it :-)  Thanks for popping by and all your lovely comments x


  1. Hi your embroidery is really lovely. Glad you enjoyed the free machining. You might already know but if there is a problem with the tension on the bottom of your fabric the tension problem lies with the top thread and v.v. Hope you get it sorted. Debs x

  2. I love your princess embroidery- so pretty.
    And those snow pictures- beautiful.
    I am so glad you posted about your amber necklace, as it reminded me that an amber necklace was my present after the birth of my youngest, and I seem to have lost it. I am going to look for it now!!

  3. so much to like in this post!
    Our little piglet LOVED the snow (chickens less so!)
    happy weekend to you
    fee x

  4. Hello Zoe...I love your little princess pretty!..I can't seem to watch the t.v either without doing something creative...All your makes are lovely as always...So funny that Charlie pinched your snowman's carrot clearly all had such a lovely day in the snow!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend with your sweetpeas,
    Keep warm,
    Susan x

  5. What a lovely newsie post. I love your embroidery, the little princess is so pretty. What a cheeky doggy pinching the snowmans nose. Archie loves the snow and runs around with his nose in it trying to eat it. It's so hard seeing your children growing up. I've just dropped Eleanor at the other side of Leeds at a party which doesn't end until 10.30, quite different from the parties I went to at 13.

  6. Love your embroidery, I really like the princess! I didn't take Sohie out in the snow as she has been poorly and didn't really seem that keen when I got her a bowl full to play with!!

  7. Your princess is so pretty - you've done a really lovely job with her!

  8. what a gorgeous princess and brooch. You've inspired me to think about some sewing and embroidery instead of my knitting.

  9. Your stitched princess is so pretty, and all your sewing pictures are lovely! I love the necklace too, it's gorgeous. The snowy pics are great...looks like you had plenty to play in!
    Have a happy crafty week.
    Helen x

  10. Hi Zoe,
    Your little Princess is gorgeous!!! I too have been trying to do the free machine embroidery! not as easy as you would think, but yes so much fun!!! Your brooch is lovely too and the new butterfly hairclips, you have been busy!
    The snow has been great fun hasn't it? ours has all gone now but was fun while it lasted!
    Hope you have a good week, it is our half term , is it yours?
    Love Andrea x

  11. Hi Zoe,

    I have just checked and noticed that I will be sending on the travelling craft box to you! I haven't received it yet, but I wanted to say hi first! Obviously I will need your address at some point too!

    Love Jewel x

  12. What a cute little Princess. The pleasure you took in stitching her just shines through :D

  13. What a fun post!!! I love all your darling creations Zoe. You have been so busy even with your tender arm. Take it easy on the typing though. I had tendonitis once and wow was it painful!
    hugs from here...

  14. Loads going on in this post - you have been a busy bee! I love the embroidery and the beautiful flower brooch especially and as you suspected you did have the hoop the wrong way up for the free-motion embroidery (the fabric has to lie flat on the machine plate) otherwise it's worth playing with the stitch tension and even the length...for some reason my machine likes to be set on stitch length 1 even though I am hand manipulating the length. It looks great though so I hope you do get your tension problem sorted out. Bethx

  15. wow! you are so darn talented!!

    m ^..^

  16. lots of fun - can I ask how your dog is with your chickens? Just about to get them and a bit concerned about my dog - any tips?

  17. Oh, I miss my hens, so it was lovely to see yours looking at the snow from the cosy inside of the henhouse. They are so funny, aren't they? Keep going with your machine embroidery....did you have the needle arm down at the back and the darning plate on as well as the foot?
    VS x


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