Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More Christmas Creations .......

Apologies if all this belated Christmas blogging bores you but I want to document it for the children when they grow up :-)  I had wanted to blog sooner but as all of you lovely bloggers keep adding wonderful new blog posts I get carried away reading and then run out of time to write one myself.

The Christmas trees went up in our house a little sooner than I wanted this Christmas as the girls really wanted to put them up (eldest Sweetpea wasn't really interested this year :-().  I usually put off putting up the trees for some reason but then hate taking them down - I miss all those twinkly fairy lights :-(.  I put the lights on and then let the girls freestyle it :-)

They really enjoyed themselves ...... of course there was a breakage or two but that is all part of it isn't it :-)

They did a really good job and I did my best not to re-arrange anything.

Mr Sweetpea had a real urge to buy a real tree that he can plant out in the garden and then bring in again each year so we also had this tree:

Now I must confess to finding it hard not to re-arrange this one but I kept my hands to myself :-)

We lent our coloured lights to the cubs tree in the Church's festival of light this year so these came back to us after the trees were put up.  Middle Sweetpea asked if we could have them over the fireplace and they looked lovely, in fact so lovely I have only just taken them down.

One thing I haven't taken down is the pom pom garland I made, ooohh I love it :-)

On the run up to Christmas I did quite a few creative things with the children to keep them entertained.  Last year I bought a gingerbread house kit for us all to make.  Before the children devoured the gingerbread I drew around the shapes so we could make a gingerbread house this year from scratch.  I found a wonderful recipe here and it worked really well. 


We added a stained glass window by cutting a hole in the gingerbread and putting a boiled sweet in it.  I also had to add a little birdie sitting on the roof :-)

Carrying on our creative week we made my Grandad Pete (the sweetpeas Great Grandad) some gnomes out of Fimo.  Grandad loves gnomes and still has some of my old fimo creations from when I was a child so I thought he may like some of the children's fimo creations :-)

Here they are:

these two are middle Sweetpeas creations - love the one holding the flowers.  Eldest Sweetpea made the toadstool and axe and wood block to go with his gnome below:

Eldest Sweetpeas in on the left and little Sweetpeas on the right (loving the extra long arms, she went a bit white spot crazy too, oh and that pink on the front is his beard :-)).

Of course then I had to make one too :-)

Here they are in their new home.  I popped them into one of my trustee coffee jars and needle felted them some grass to sit on.  Little Sweetpeas had to sit on top as the gnomes long arms would't fit into the jar :-)

For the great Nannies little Sweetpea got to work and planted some hyacinths for them.  We are very very lucky that the Sweetpeas have 4 great grandparents living locally.  It is always hard to know what to buy them but I know the Nans all love flowers - here is my lovely Nan gardening with the Sweetpeas earlier in the year (I hope you don't mind me popping this on here Nan but I did love this photo of you gardening with the Sweetpeas xxx - Nan is high tech you know and reads by blog and e-mails me :-)).

Here is little Sweetpea hard at work, she loved planting these up :-) 

Whilst creating and looking for gifts I got a little side-tracked and bought myself something.  I just had to share these with you as they are so gorgeous!   I had been wanting some of these little birdies for ages and talked myself out of them until I could resist no longer. They came beautifully packaged in a little box.

Just look what was hiding in the green tissue paper......

Such cute birdies which I can hang around the house ....

With gorgeous ribbon tails .....

They came from the lovely Linen Cat, do pop over and see her shop - she makes the most amazing things, not only birds but other wonderful things like a Fox in a Dandy Green Suit - just stunning.  See that extra little pink bird, that little birdie was a lovely surprise which now lives with my Mum.  I showed my Mum these lovely birds when they arrived and she ooohhed and aahhhed over them as much as I did so I gave her one to have in her home as she loved it so much.

Sorry for such a long post, I have got a bit carried away as I had to stop and start it a few times today and then added more.  I will show you what happened to those pieces of linen hidden in my bedside drawer a few posts back in my next blog post :-)


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas photographs, the tree looks amazing! And no Christmas would be complete without a bauble breakage or two! x

  2. It's a great idea to document Christmas in this way, the years fly by so quickly and once they've gone they've gone so it will be great for all the family to look back on. I keep some fairy lights around the house all year, they are lovely.

    Jan x

  3. I love how you did the stained glass window! And your family shots are really lovely and will serve you all well as a momento xx

  4. I am not bored of Christmas yet. thank you for sharing your pictures.

  5. We had breakages too..part of the fun:)Love the gnomes you all made in their cute new home and might have to borrow your stained glass window idea..genius.I'm very envious of your pretty birdies from The Linen Cat;I love her work..always beautiful.Thanks for sharing your Christmas creations,Cassandra :)xx

  6. I like reliving Christmas, so loved the photos

  7. Hi


    I love the gingerbread house!


  8. I am in love with those gnomes - so sweet :)

    Some lovely pics from your christmas :) I think you should keep the lights over the fireplace up all year ;)

  9. What a lovely time you all had by the look of things. How wonderful to have great grans too!

  10. well done for not rearanging the tree you are a better person than i- i am afraid as soon as they are in bed my twitchy fingers get to work . love , love the gnomes , reminds me i have a load of fimo in the back of the cupboard -thats the weekend activity sorted !

  11. I think the girls did a great job with the tree, it didn't need any rearranging. I love the gingerbread house, we've done one from a kit before but we've never made one from scratch, so clever.

  12. Happy New Year! I love seeing your makes, no matter if they are 'late' :) Lovely Fimo creations, and family gardening. Great Grandparents are wonderful, so good that you have so many so close! xx

  13. Your Christmas home was so cosy and lovely, Zoe! I love the pom pom garland, and the cute little fimo gnomes! You are obviously talented at making those and have passed it on to your children. I really like the little jar with gnomes in!
    Helen x

  14. Such a warm ,cosy, festive home! Christmas must have been wonderfull in your house :)
    I too love your pom pom garland... it's SO cute! and I LOVE love love those sweet little birdies...!

    Thank you for your lovely comment today, take care and a very happy new year to you and your family.

    Louise xx

  15. Looks like a lovely cosy Christmas time, I am really liking the pom pom garland, the house really needs cheering up after taking the decorations down, think that will be just the thing! x

  16. Happy New to you all! What a sweet post, so lovely to see her with her Nan, very lucky! I'm having trouble getting into my blog but hopefully I can post more soon. Hugs, Catherine x

  17. Fingers crossed my blog is back up and running now! Catherine x

  18. Such a lovely post Zoe!....Your decorations look wonderful and I love the lights over the fire place...love your little gingerbread house and your Fimo gnomes....you are clearly passing on your talents to your lovely creative sweetpeas!
    Lovely too to see the generations having fun together...so special....and I really love your happy pompom garland!
    Susan x
    P.S Very tempting not to rearrange decorations though isn't it..lots of restraint is sometimes needed!!

  19. Lovely Christmas photos, the trying not to re-arrange the tree bit made me laugh, I had the same problem but didn't show the restraint you have I'm afraid and moved a few around! I was a good Mum though, in that I did leave all the hand coloured and cut paper decorations that appeared from school on the tree each day from the boys over the next few weeks.

    Thanks for such a lovely mention, I am so pleased you like the birds, I am as I type sitting amongst new colour versions half sewn, ready for spring :)

    Beth/the linen catx

  20. Happy New Year - to you all. Sorry it's late.

    I love all your Christmas preparations.

    And here's to the new year.

    take care,

    Nina x

  21. What a lovely post. Love the little Fimo figures. Everything looks so snug and cosy! Have a good week. Ros

  22. Such a lovely record of those precious memories, I really like your birds x


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