Saturday, 10 December 2011

A big smile on my face ... :-)

This morning I woke and decided to sit with a coffee in bed and catch up on some blog reading.  I was happily reading away and then noticed a blog update with the above image in my feed.  OOOhh I recognise that, I thought.

My darling son was down stairs creating blog posts selling his fimo creations :-)  How sweet is that!  I think I might have to buy one :-)  Just had to share that moment on here as it really did make me smile :-)

Pop over and have a nose at x


  1. Does Craft Boy ship overseas? Because I would love to have a couple of those. Perhaps I could even tuck in one of my Craft Boy's woven bookmarks...

  2. Ahh, so sweet!! I loved your fabulous bee cake on the previous post too...and how interesting reading about the bees as well! Wishing you a relaxing weekend, Zoe.
    Helen x

  3. How sweet!!
    His blog is so cute as well!!!

  4. They are lovely, he is a clever young man x

  5. Ah what a clever kid and a entrepreneur in the making Have a lovely weekend!


  6. Oh my, its your little one.

    He left a comment on my blog and I was 'err... who is this new commenter on my blog who calls himself LITTLE CRAFT BOY and what brought him to my blog space?' mmmm now I know. I am so chuffed. I received a few craft gifts recently, so when I post them this week, I will give him a shout. I hope thats okay x

  7. He's certainly showing initiative, he'll be on Dragon's Den before you know it. Thank you for entering my giveaway.

  8. What a clever young man, have to agree with Jo above, Dragons Den here we come!

    B xxx

  9. That IS so sweet. You must be so proud mum!
    hugs from here...

  10. Hi just a little message to say youv'e won my giveaway and Ive tried to email you but It won't let me ,so if you could e-mail me and let me have your address ,I will pop your things in the post asap
    Thanks XX Manda XX


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