Friday, 3 June 2011

Happy days and holidays ......


It has been a bit quiet on my blog for a little while but I have a good excuse honest :-)  I have been away on holiday, I promise not to bore you with all 230 photos I took whilst I was away ........

The sweetpeas love our (well it is my parents really but I have adopted it :-)) hideaway in Mallorca, they love the outdoors so the place is just perfect for them.

We spent many a happy hour looking for treasure on the beach.  I have fallen in love with seaglass and bought back a big bag of it :-)

Little sweetpea tried out her new UV protective swimming costume, if only they had invented those when I was a child!

The villa's garden was blooming, this gorgeous smelling broom was one of my particular favourites.

The boys had a little helper whilst fishing, this Cormorant was sitting right next to them and so tame, this photo was taken with hardly any zooming in.

The beach was as perfect as ever and the only real place Mr Sweetpea and I got to chill out so we were there every afternoon :-)

Snow angles in the sand ......

The track to the villa has been tarmacked, we were quite sad about this at first as we loved the bumpy old track but it is great for cycling along with the children in the evenings if it was cool enough.  Mind you the weather got up to 39 deg C towards the end of the holiday so cycling was off the menu then !

My Dad has always loved recycling, the bike above was found in a dump (Middle Sweetpea was riding it in the last photo) as was the wheelbarrow (which is now a planter) I think :-)  The car was bought many moons ago and is now a house to some lovely rock mice and geckos.

With no TV there it is lovely to see how creative the kiddies can be with their time - they spent the hotter mornings sitting at the table doodling piccies and making books.  The table was covered in felt later in the week by me :-)

Being at the beach provided time for me to delve head first into crochet, I borrowed The Happy Hooker book from the library as recommended by Jene and it is a great book to learn with (thanks Jene :-) x).

Mr Sweetpea also taught little sweetpea some swimming, she loved it!  She had great fun when we remembered we had some arm-bands back at Morca (this is what little sweetpeas called the villa, we thought she was always talking about the Island until we got there and she insisted the villa itself was called Morca :-)).

I have now had the Sweetpeas all with me for 3 weeks, I do love them all dearly but must admit to craving a little time away from everyone now.  Morca is gorgeous but as it is a one story building and surrounded by hills you do feel a little on top of each other after a while until you adapt to the new way of life.   We had no fridge for the holiday - my poor parents spend 600 euros on a new fridge freezer a few months back but we couldn't get it to work, I hope they manage to work out what is wrong with it :-( 

Until next year my gorgeous Playa, I will be back .....


  1. I had noticed you hadn't been around for some time! What a wonderful retreat for you all, it looks such fun, a lovely beach, surrounded by gorgeous countryside. I bet you got quite a lot of crochet and felt work done without having a telly there...
    Sue Xx

  2. It looks perfect - wish I had a place like that to escape to!

  3. Looks like absolute perfection, what I'd give for a little escape like that!

    B xxx

  4. What a perfect holiday! The sea looks so clean and the beaches too!

  5. Looks like you had a lovely holiday, lovely to see you back.

    Hope you've had fun with your crochet, something I've only recently mastered after trying many times to understand it, finally understand it.


  6. Looks like you all had a wonderful time x

    Leah x

  7. What lovely pictures of your holiday - I especially liked the one at the top and the number sign one - but they were all so interesting. What a perfect beachy place for you all to relax and play, looks like you had a wonderful time. And now you can crochet?! I must get that book too!
    Helen x

  8. What a wonderful retreat for you all! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

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  9. Oh to have a little hide away - wonderful pictures though and I love your little sand doughnuts!

    Nina x

  10. Quality family time - Lovely!

    & the water looks stunning!


  11. It looks like a perfect holiday. Glad you all had such a wonderful time.

  12. Looks like a fantastic holiday! The beach looks gorgeous and sea is so clear! Great photo of the cormorant too, it's always nice to see some wildlife on holiday. Glad you tried using the Happy Hooker book, I think it teaches things the american way, but as a lot of patterns on ravelry and similar are american anyway it seems easier. Lynda at Hookin with Laa Laa put up a conversion chart for US to British on her blog, it might be useful if you go between British and American crochet, I'll e-mail it to you. :) x

  13. What lovely photos. Your holiday reminded me of the holidays we had in the South of France when our children were young. My brother and sister-in-law had a mobile home there and many a happy two weeks were spent there. Enjoy those times, they won't last forever!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and be sure to enter my sunglasses case giveaway- you may need them for your next holiday! x

  14. looks like you all had a fab time. I love seaglass too x

  15. Lovely photos! I used to love collecting seaglass on the beach in Wales when I was little, my mum loved it as well and still has quite a collection.

    The beach I frequent mostly these days is one where the Atlantic Rollers crash in with some force, so the sea glass doesnt seem to survive for long, making it difficult to spot.

    Im ready for a holiday (even tho its only a month since I had one...)


  16. Wow it looks you had a wonderfull holiday! And the little sweetpea learning to swim is so adorable :-)

  17. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, it is really appreciated! Love Annie xx

  18. Hi great to "see" you at my blog earlier. What a fab holiday you had. We love Mallorca and have stayed at Puerto Pollensa many times. How lucky for you your parents have a villa there but goodness me how did you survive in the heat without a fridge.Lovely happy,family photos...great memories for you all.
    Jane x

  19. Fantastic photos, looks like the whole family had a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing some crochet pics soon xx

  20. It was only today that I thought that I hadn't seen you post for a while, and now I know why, you've been relaxing in the sun, you lucky thing. Great photos, love the sand angels.
    Looking forward to seeing your crochet hearts, the Happy Hooker was my bible when I first started. xx

  21. Just beautiful!! No other words. How lovely it all looks and so relaxing.
    Looking forward to seeing your crochet creations,
    Have a happy wek,
    Andrea x

  22. Looks lovely. We had a fab holiday there a few years ago, it's a very special place x


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