Friday, 25 March 2011

Highs and lows ......

Hi everyone, I do hope you have been enjoying the last week and have had some sunshine where you are.  After another week of grey the sun is finally shining and the flowers are showing their lovely faces :-)  Little Sweetpea above has been wearing a little daisy chain I made her as she wanted to be a princess in the flowers - oh the joys of being 3!

I have really enjoyed taking photos of flowers again this week, I have missed it during the winter months.  I took this photo in our local grave yard, I am not sure what flower it is (does anyone know?), but it is stunning with it's tissue paper like petals.  It is such a simple looking flower but it captures my heart every morning when I walk past it, there is a whole group of them clumped together.  When I took this photo I did scare another local mum on her walk to school as I popped up out of the flowers in the grave yard - luckily she knows I am slightly bonkers lol.

I have also ventured out in a skirt this week :-)  I found a lovely 'White Stuff' skirt in a Charity shop and have been wearing it this week, I only knew who 'White Stuff' were when a mate told me, it looks like I got a real bargain!   I am not sure however if I am very good at being a skirt wearing girl, around 30 minutes after putting my new skirt on I decided to go to the allotment to cut some dafs and as you can see from the photo below I ended up with mud everywhere lol.  A friend of mine also joked that I would have to invest in an iron if I were to wear skirts, I can however confirm that with a slow spin and my shake and hang method it did pretty well on the wrinkle front - bonus !

I wore it out with a long spring coat I have, I was feeling pretty good until my middle Sweetpea said 'Mum, you look like Mary Poppins in that coat' , I smiled, feeling happy that I looked like her, I like her style, but then she said 'or .... a witch!' to which I replied 'hhhmm, I think I will go for the Mary Poppins option'.

Also this week I have been busy cutting felt and creating things, oh how I love felt, buttons and thread, you can create such pretty things with simple items.

I also did a swap with the lovely Kazzy recently, she sent me one of her gorgeous drawings, a lovely little robin for little Sweetpea, a gorgeous rose scented pillow and also a little notepad, it was such a lovely parcel!  I feel very honoured to have one of Kazzy's amazing works or art.

In return I sent her some little flower hair clips for her little Sweetpea, a button heart, a vintage pill box and a Little Bear Lost book (I love the illustrations in those books).

Pets, Highs and Lows :-(

We are all rather excited in the Sweetpea household as our lovely cockerel went off on holiday to my Father-in-Laws recently to meet the Light Sussex ladies there :-)  Well we have popped the eggs they have laid in an incubator, the eggs are turned 3 times a day, the temperature has to be kept between 37.5 - 37.7 deg C and the humidity at 45 - 50 with a little water trough (wow those hens do more work than we think when sitting on eggs!).  We checked the eggs by looking through them with a strong light and they are all dark so look fertile :-)  It takes roughly 21 days for them to incubate, the kids can't wait for next week :-)

On a sad note one of our African Greys escaped this week.  My husband has had him for around 24 years so he is really upset and we are also worried for his mate who he left behind.  He had eaten his way through a wooden door frame and some wire, walked through to the chicken run where we saw him when we returned from the school run.  We tried to catch him in a net but he then escaped and flew to a nearby tree.  What was really sad is that then a couple of crows started to mob him and call their friends in, then over 50 crow mobbed him until he flew away, you could see him trying to fly back towards us but they scared him away :-(  He still hasn't returned ......


  1. Oh you poor things, I hope your bird finds its way home soon, sweetpea looks lovely with her daisy chain headband, and what gorgeous swapsies with Kazzie, your new feltie makes look very exciting :)

  2. oh no!!! im so sad to hear that- hope he flies back soon ;0)x it must have been awful to watch without being able to help...fingers crossed for all of you xxxx i love all your felt creations!
    and that old bear book is wonderful ;0)xxxx thank you...those clips you made for sophias hair were a BIG conversation at the pre school run...the mums loved them! told them about blogging- actually was like a ice breaker for me, just to have a conversation with the mums- i really enjoyed it...;0)x Thanks to your lovely clips- very talented you are x
    bless your little sweet pea in the daisy chain! how cute is she! sooo sweeeet ;0)x
    i love your shoes! and that beautiful skirt!
    you have a beautiful figure too!
    tooowittoooowooooo hehehehe ;0)

    best wishes xxxx

  3. What a lovely photo of sweetpea with flowers in her hair. Hope your beloved birdy returns. TTFN.

  4. So sad about your african grey, hope he finds his way back home! a very good skirt find! it looks lovely on you. hope you have a happy weekend!

  5. Oh no, I really hope your flyaway bird returns soon.

    But on the brighter side, the swop items are just lovely!

    I too have been going a bit mad with the felt creations over the last week or so, will post some pics soon!

    And after a super spring weather week spent at work, guess what - dull, grey and misty today!!!! Oh well, I will get the needles and hooks out soon to cheer me up!


  6. Young sweetpea looks lovely with her hair band, your pictures are lovely to. I am still laughing at you popping up from around the grave yard.
    Have a lovely weekend. best wishes Julie.C

  7. Lol, I am not surprised you went for Mary Poppins instead of the witch, maybe all you need now is a carpet bag ? Sorry bout the facebook but it's really confusing me at the mo.....can't seem to comment as supercutetilly on some pages but glad you found me, Nic ♥

  8. Hello Witchy, er sorry, Mary P. Love the thought of you flying around Cambridgeshire with your brolly and muddy shoes...
    Your grey may sneak back soon, under cover of dusk when the bad black birds are snooping around somewhere else. We'll give him a map if he ventures into town. Enjoy the sun, although it seems to have disappeared this morning... Ax

  9. Fingers crossed you bird returns - poor thing, being mobbed. Lovely swap things you got - and sent! Great White Stuff skirt - I love looking in there, but they're SO expensive - your skirt would have been about £45-50 new! Having said that, their stuff is well made and does last - I've got a stretchy dress from there (in the sale!) that I've had about 3 years. Grey here today and cool again, after a really warm and bright couple of days. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Abby x

  10. You poor things, I'm so sorry to hear about your parrot and after 24 years I'm not surprised your husband is upset. At least the weather has cheered up so it has a better chance of survival. Have you asked the local radio station to put a message out, you never know he could be hiding in someone's garden. Good luck!

    Love your daisy chain, that is so sweet.
    Kate x

  11. So sorry to hear about your African Grey, I do hope he returns. Exciting about the chicks, no wonder the kids can't wait for next week.

  12. Fly home soon dear Bird , your skirt is gorgeous by the way xxx

  13. I love the colour of your skirt! I love the wooden bedroom door in the reflection in the mirror, we have stripped wooden doors in our home :)
    The picture of your little girl in the daffodils is beautiful!

  14. So sorry to hear about your lovely bird, hope he makes his way home soon, no wonder your OH is so upset after having him so long, so hope he makes a safe return. Your sweetpea looks so sweet with her band of daisies and I love your skirt too, fab find! Jenny x

  15. Sorry to hear about your bird, hopefully he'll come back soon. I hope his mate is coping without him.
    The swap with Kazzy looks lovely, she really is a talented artist!
    Like everyone else I think your skirt is gorgeous and the photo of little sweetpea is lovely!
    Looking forward to seeing the chicks when they hatch! :) x

  16. Oh no, I really hope you manage to get your parrot back! How horrible to lose it after so many years. Love the daisy chain and your skirt.

  17. you look smashing! and i love the idea of you popping out of the graveyard from the flowers! : )

  18. I am so sorry about your bird escaping! It must be so hard to loose such a beautiful thing. I do hope he comes back.
    There are so many wonderful things in this post, that I don't know what to say...except that you have a wonderful life Sweetpea!
    hugs to you

  19. oh, I hope your bird has come home.

    on a brighter note, little sweetpea and her crown of daisies makes me wish I was three again!

    BH x

  20. Ah, your poor bird, I hope he returns home safely soon.
    I love those flowers too - no idea what they're called, but I've seen loads on the banks near me - beautiful.
    Emily x
    PS - shake and hang works very well for me too!

  21. Hi Zoe, thank you so much for your spring swap parcel which arrived today.
    The notebook is exquisite ... and sums up spring to perfection! I've never seen an egg masher before. I can't wait to use it. I'll do a post on the swap as soon as possible.
    Have a lovely week
    Kathy xxx

  22. That spotty fabric was from 'images of Egypt' not sure if they have a website but there Is an email address on the packet uk
    They were 6 fat quarters for £6
    Kandi x


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