Saturday, 5 February 2011

Thank You ....

I have a few thanks yous in this bloggy post.  Firstly thanks to Ryan from Ryan's Garden blog, I was lucky enough to win a £25 voucher for Landsend and also some seeds in a recent competition he ran.  Well, I had personally never heard of Landsend before that time so popped onto their website to have a nose.  They have some lovely things, not all to my style but I had heard after winning that the quality of their clothes was really good.

I decided to buy the kiddies a couple of items of clothes so I rang them up and ordered a lovely cardigan for little Sweetpea and some new cords for eldest Sweetpea (these came just at the right time as his last pair had just got a hole in them from wearing them so much :-)).  The lady on the phone was really lovely and helpful and she told me that as it was my first order I got free delivery - bonus!  They arrived within a few days and the quality really is wonderful, just look at how happy little Sweetpea was above :-)  Her cardi is a bit too big for her at the moment, it was age 3 - 4 but as little Sweetpea is a very small 3 she has room to grow into it :-).

Another thank you goes to Nellilou from My Life Diet, she recently gave me the Stylish Blogger Award.  Pop over to hers for a blog filled with photography, crafts and what she has been up to.

So I think I have to write 7 things about me, hhmm I apologise now if I repeat myself , this sleep deprivation lark certainly isn't good for my memory :-)

1)  I went skiing at the age of 10 and got stuck on the T-bar - I nearly went round again up-side-down :-o  They had to shut to whole lift down for me to get off and I was left with a lovely bruise in a personal area :-(

2)  Again at the age of 10 my Mum had my hair cut really short (and I mean VERY short).  She was worried my curls were growing out and I have been fearful of hairdressers ever since.  I do go now and again and feel more relaxed about it now after many years.

3)  I love hanging my washing out on my line,  not sure why but I just love it for some reason.

4)  I am a magazine rather than a book reader (unless it is a craft or gardening book).  I think I have started so many books where I have got interrupted so many times that I have got frustrated reading books.

5)  I tried to dye my hair when I was at secondary school and it went horribly wrong :-)  I have never dyed it or had it dyed since.  Ironically it was a red colour (and I am a red head).

6)  I bought my first house when I was 19, goodness that is scary, I thought I was so grown up but looking back I was only little!

7)  I am a Pisces and was born in the year of the Rabbit :-)

Now to pass this on .... if you read my blog you know I love you :-)  Take this award and write 7 things about you - as you probably know I am nosey too so would love to read them :-)

And last but not least on the thank you list is Bear's Footprints.  Now this lady grows the most enormous parsnips, just take a look below at what she and Mr Bear's Footprint can grow!  I have popped a 50p next to it for scale purposes.  She gave me a bag of these and carrots which are now cut up and in my freezer for future dinners.

We recently went to our local toddler group together and sat and tried (tried being the operative word) to crochet, it was quite comical people coming up and asking what we were making - we didn't have a clue, mine was a chain and Mrs Bear Footprints was a possible flower.  The lovely Kathryn (who does know how to crochet) kindly gave me a new hook and a DVD (thank you Kathryn), lets hope that helps :-)  At one point a little 4 year old sat and tried to crochet using my half made chain , I think she did better than me, she seemed rather content just swiveling the hook around in the wool :-)

In fact I am really loving going to this toddler group, I never went to any with the eldest Sweetpeas as they were so close in age so didn't really need it.  I get to sit and chat to a lovely group of friends who are also inspired by all things creative whilst Sweetpea just potters about playing.

hhhmm do you think you are drawn to people who love things you do - I have never seeked out artistic/creative people but all my friends seem to have that in them - strange ......


  1. Little sweetpea looks lovely, and as for that parsnip.... I'm certainly drawn to crafty blogs on the whole, but I know a variety of people in real life :)

  2. Until I started reading crafty blogs I didn't know anyone in real life who was as into making things as I am. Now it turns out that there are quite a few like minded souls in my village so we have a monthly stitching/knitting/crochet/craft evening - which is really just an excuse for wine and gossip!

  3. lovely to hear more about you and welldone on your win x

  4. Congratulations! I'm definitely into the 'crafty' !!!!!!!!! Ros

  5. I knew there was a very good reason not to go skiing. Ax

  6. That is the sweetest smile ever! And if it's the same Lands' End we have over here, yes, the quality is excellent (as is the customer service)...even if the styles aren't especially stylish!

  7. Another giveaway win? I've never known anyone who is as lucky as you for goodness sake! Love the soaps you made, they look very professional!

    Happy weekend x

  8. Loving the facts! I have been meaning to do this award for ages!

    Hopeyou have a lovely weekend!

  9. I seem to be drawn to crafty people...both online and in real life. We have so much to talk about! Little Sweetpea looks gorgeous in her new cardi :)

  10. Congrats on your win x

    Now thats a parsnip! x

  11. Congratulations on your win. I won a £25 Landsend voucher on another blog last year. I ordered a cardigan for my daughter and it's fantastic quality, really lovely. Congratulations on your award too, I love reading the facts which accompany these awards, I'm so nosey.

  12. Congratulations on the award, that cardigan looks lovely! The parsnip looks great, unfortunately OH doesn't like them here, so I don't eat them often! :) x

  13. Congratulations on your win! Little Sweetpea looks lovely in her cardi. I really enjoyed reading your list. And was interested about the crafty friends bit - lots of my friends do art and design but not that many are actually crafters which is why I sooo love crafty blogs!Happy Sunday! Helen x

  14. Well done on your litle win and Little Sweetpea looks lovely!!!
    I loved reading more about you too! I adore parsnips and Will does as well so we would have been well happy with that one!!! I do love crafty blogs and am particularly drawn to them but I I also like blogs which show lovely streamlined perfect houses as I love to dream!!!]
    Happy Sunday,
    Andrea x

  15. Congratulations on your win !!
    I would love to make little sweetpea a hat, heres my email , let me know her measurements and which style. xxx

  16. Well done on your win.
    Little Sweetpea looks very smart. Julie.C x

  17. lil sweetpea looks pleased with her new cardi! sorry not been in for a while, been on a bit of a getting on with house time. And then, discovered that google/blogger had stopped me being your follower. Well, I assume it wasn't you?! Either ways, I decided that was NOT going to do and have re joined! You have so many followers now! How fab. x Jacs x


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